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5 Writing Hacks You Need to Become a Great Writer

5 Writing Hacks You Need to Become a Great Writer

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Today I decided to list the best hacks for aspiring writers. Each of the recommendations is backed by the experience of many authors, so I advise you to follow them and put them into practice! Let’s get started!

Write Every Day

Set a daily ration. For example, it can be 1,600 words per day. You cannot fulfill the norm – but you need to write more the next day. But, of course, it will be difficult to immediately teach yourself to write every day if you have not written at all before. Start small, such as writing small essays. You can see how others do it by ordering a couple of essay samples from services like EssayShark. You will see in what style such papers should be written and how to structure them correctly. To learn more, check out an EssayShark review

Editing and Revisions

At some point, you feel tired – things are going hard, the text doesn’t make sense, and you are unable to see what’s ahead. Remember, this is normal. At the very beginning, even before starting, you let go of the internal editor and just write, even if your writing makes a big mess. At most, you go back and make a note. But you don’t edit or erase anything. 

Write your thoughts and ideas down; try them on. Do they not fit? It’s a pity, but let them stay.
You will come back to them later, but for now, your assignment is to write, not edit. The desire to erase an unfortunate sentence, correct a typo on the last page, remove the passive voice and stop words, and replace the cliché with an original metaphor is constantly in your mind. None of this can be done. Do it all later. 

Use Software

Find the best program to help you with your writing. The Scrivener app can be rather helpful. In fact, in order to start writing, you need a text editor. You can use the LibreOffice suite or the Office programs from Microsoft. I suggest you periodically e-mail yourself a text file. Or, you can put it into Dropbox and edit it there.

Procrastination And Sleep

People who write sometimes fall into writer’s block – if this is the case, you just need to get a grip. Procrastination and perfectionism are always there, hiding around the corner to surface at any time. Let’s say, at 11 pm, you sit down at the computer. Will you start writing right away? No. At 12 pm, TV shows, comics, Twitter, and Facebook – will you start now? No, you have more important things to do, like playing games. Is 2 am the right time to start? You can probably write a bit. But first, you need to eat, drink coffee, and go to YouTube. At 3 am – that’s it, now you are writing for sure. 

Don’t mess your regimen up – you need enough sleep not only for your health but to write well. Your brain won’t work as it should without full rest. 

Define The Largest Possible Group Of Readers

Let’s say we have people who enjoy scary, nightmarish books. Knowing this, you sit down to write a novel according to their taste, and you get a really interesting book. But when you bring it to the publisher, he or she refuses to print it. The reason is that not an insignificant amount of people will like your writing. Initially, you should imagine who exactly will be reading your book, trying to gather as many people as possible into a group of potential readers. And if you succeed, then you will be able to interest a huge amount of people with your writing. This rule can be applied to all forms of writing.

So now, you know the best writing hacks for aspiring writers! Stick to them, and you will be good at writing. Good luck!

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