4 Reasons Why You Should Move To Orlando, Florida



If you’re thinking of moving to Orlando, Florida, then you’re not alone. The Sunshine State, as Florida is commonly known, attracts thousands of people a year looking to make this beautiful state their new home. It’s not hard to see why so many people want to live in Orlando; from the sunny weather to the lower cost of living, there are plenty of reasons to make the decision to call Florida your home. Boasting a diverse population of all ages, delicious food, and a host of theme parks and attractions, Florida is an exciting place to live. 

Beautiful Weather

Year-round sunshine is one of the top reasons why many people choose to move to Orlando, as they can expect to see the sun shining outside their windows for most of the year. You can enjoy feeling like you’re on a permanent tropical vacation every time you leave your home, with the temperatures rarely dropping below 60 degrees. For the rare occasions that the weather does get a little colder, make sure you have some warm clothes on hand until the weather goes back to the usual sunny days. You can expect some rain due to the tropical climate, but the showers are typically quick and gone before you even know it; although, after a full day out in the sun, a little light rain can be quite pleasant. 


A popular neighborhood in Orlando is Avalon Park, where you can experience the pleasures of living in a small-town community while being a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Orlando. If this sounds like a dream, a realtor in Avalon Park can help you find the perfect home in their community. Whether you’re looking to move to a neighborhood like Avalon Park or you want something in the heart of the action, Avalon Realty Group can help you find an ideal home.  

Travel Hub

With a fantastic rail system, great bus lines, and three airports, Orlando is an excellent place for travel. Apart from having access to a number of ways to travel around Orlando and out of state when needed, because of its central location, there is also access to cruise lines and ports all within an hour and a half’s drive. Many cruise companies offer shuttles to get you between Orlando and the ports easily, so you can enjoy a beautiful day out on the water without needing to worry about travel. 


In addition to the big theme parks we all know and love, where Florida residents also enjoy significant discounts, Orlando also has hundreds of recreational activities to enjoy. Many people who have lived in Orlando all their lives are still finding new and exciting places to go where they can try things like creek boat rides, watersports, indoor karting, and more. 

Orlando also offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy sports, with three arenas in downtown Orlando alone. Enjoy favorites such as football, wrestling, UFC, or one of the many traveling sporting events that come to Orlando regularly; there will be no shortage of sporting events for you to attend and enjoy. 

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