What to Eat During Your Holiday in Singapore?



Singapore is famous for many things and food is one of them. This vibrant Country Has a lot that will attract you towards it. And the food is the one reason why I love Singapore. Its enriched flavors, roadside restaurants, affordable and beautiful places to sit in and enjoy foods and a lot of other things make Singapore one of my favorite Tourist Spots.

There are hundreds and thousands of dishes that satisfy your food cravings. Here in this article, I am going to tell you what to eat when in Singapore. 

Fish Head Curry

The first thing that I do whenever in Singapore is to try my oh so favorite Singaporean Fish Head Curry. Though there are different versions of this tasty dish and Indian version is my favorite among all. You will be served with a big bowl of soup with the floating fish head. The spices and the mixture is so enriched that you will it, in every bite. Fish head curry is mostly served with boiled rice along with garlic. But if you want to experiment with noodles or pasta, you are free to do so. 

In Singapore, there are hundreds of Roadside restaurants that serve fish Head curry. So go right away and satisfy your food cravings with one best dish in Singapore. 

Mud Crabs

My taste glands start working more efficiently whenever I think about Mud Crabs of Singapore. Although there are many kinds of crabs, Mud Crabs from Singapore are my favorite ones. This delicious dish is served with spices like black pepper and red chilies and packed with a lot of veggies and herbs. Not only its taste but Mud crabs are good for health as well. You will find several restaurants serving Mud crabs in Singapore but my favorite is red house Seafood. 


what to eat

You will find this dish in every Singaporean Food Guide. Laksa is one of the very famous dishes found in Singapore. It is a mixture of Chinese and Malay cuisine. This unique combination is best to treat your taste buds well. Laksa is a rich spicy bowl full of soap, mostly served with boiled rice and noodles. You can also top it with seafood, pork, chicken or other herbs. Laksa can be found everywhere in Singapore. You walk a few steps and there must be a roadside restaurant serving Laksa. If you haven’t tried this dish yet, I bet you will regret it afterward. Add this dish in your next what to eat list.

Wanton Mee

Wanton Mee originated from Hong-kong. In Singapore, you must have seen many foods that are inspired by other countries. Wanton Mee comes under Cantonese food and it’s worth trying it. A bowl full of hot noodles usually served with meat and herbs. The noodles are dipped in a tasty and spicy broth. The broth itself is a separate meal. Wanton is not only best for your taste buds but it is healthy food. Not too heavy on your pockets or stomach. You can try Wanton at the Chinese Restaurant in Mercure Bugis Hotel


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This is a very affordable dish from Indian Cuisine that will serve your food cravings very well. Roti/ paratha is a round-shaped wheat bread that is served along with different curries, meat, herbs or veggies as well. Paratha is available on many street restaurants. But the best paratha you can get is from an Indian restaurant. The expertise in making it and usually served with the spicy pickle. 

Here are the 5 must-try cuisines when in Singapore. All of them are easy on pockets and best to fulfill your food cravings when you don’t know what to eat.

So what is your favorite dish from Singapore? 

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