Ways to Humidify Your House (without a humidifier)


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Your homes do not become humid especially in the winter season and this can lead to skin issues, allergies as well as flu viruses. However, with the help of a DIY humidifier, you can easily bring in some moisture in the air at your home.

Low humidity occurs due to the dryness in the homes. Humidifiers can serve to this purpose but they are quite expensive to buy and their running costs are too high as well. However, we will be mentioning a few strategies which will help you bring some humidity in your house.

DIY humidifier to use in your homes


Read on below to find out a few strategies to bring in humidity in your home:

Get houseplants

Make sure to keep houseplants in your home and keep them hydrated as well. This is because due to transpiration the moisture evaporates from the roots and stems of plants and this brings in humidity inside the home.

Keep vases in sunny places

Fill water in the vases and keep those vases near the window where they receive ample amount of sunlight. The sunlight will be the source of water evaporation and this way a lot of moisture will be evaporated in the air.

Cooking on the stove top

Increasing the use of stove top for cooking can also help to release a lot of moisture in the air causing humidity in the home. Instead of using the microwave for heating, use the stove top. This way you can bring in a lot of humidity in the home.

Try keeping the washroom door open when you are taking a shower

If you feel comfortable, then keep your washroom door open when you are showering. This way the moisture will release outside the bathroom in the air and in the entire house. Keep the washroom door open when you are taking a steamy shower.

Keep bowls of water on the registers

This is one of the best ways to solve the problems of low humidity. Fill the metal or ceramic bowls with water on radiators so that humidity surrounds the air. In the winters, a lot of water will be released in the air and so a lot of humidity will increase.

Put the clothes to dry on room temperature

When you are washing the clothes, do not put them to dry in the dryer. Instead, put them on the clothes rack. it will take some time for the clothes to dry but this will help to bring a lot of humidity inside the home.

DIY experience with humidifiers

Buying a humidifier can help bring a lot of humidity in your home especially in the winter season. However, it is quite expensive to buy and so is its running cost. It is much better to make use of DIY humidifier techniques as that will bring about a lot of humidity in the house.

Try out these DIY humidifier tips so that you can get rid of low humidity problems.

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