4 Types Of Women That Scare Away Men



A Victim

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This type of woman is a character who endlessly plays out the behavior model of being absolutely innocent and constantly playing the role of the victim.

This woman will constantly tell the man about her unsuccessful relationships, about friends or relatives who betrayed her, about boyfriends who abused her, etc., etc. She divides people into two categories: good and bad. Moreover, at first, she would rank many men as Heroes. For a while, he will be able to feel like he is the only man in the entire world that she needs. But not for long. Usually, each such man, after some time, replenishes the list of bad guys, about whom she will tell her next boyfriend. Such women often get hung up on their physical ailments, personal injuries and family troubles. It seems that in life she is only interested in positive things, and she is not the brightest of women.

Obviously, after meeting, in the process of courtship, people open up to each other, share their stories from life, and many of them cannot do without painful memories. The only question is whether such women learn from traumatic experiences or not. If you’ve just ended a very unsuccessful relationship with a woman like that, it doesn’t mean that life is over, you can always meet girls online and do it in the comfort of your own home. Don’t waste your time and find a new relationship for yourself.

A Princess

First off, there are good and ban princesses. While good princesses are fine and are, mostly, tolerable, we must turn our attention to the second group and see what is inherent in such women. She considers herself above everyone else. She mistreats people. She mistreats everyone she meets, waiters, managers, her own friends, and even close relatives.

She behaves as if the people around are much lower than her class, status, and value. She almost never thanks if you open the door in front of her, or do anything else out of the realm of courtship. After all, she is the princess here, why should she thank a man? That is so below her. An important characteristic of such a person is the fact that she directly requires a man to make substantial financial investments in herself as evidence of the seriousness of his intentions. The Princess, at the expense of almost any man, has unrealistic, very high expectations. Again, at first, on the first wave of courtship, a man can become her Prince, but in the end, he will eventually become just one of her lackeys – this is only a matter of time.

A Workaholic

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The next female character, next to which adequate men do not linger for a long time, is the workaholic. This lady is focused on her own success. When communicating with her, a man constantly hears stories about her victories and achievements, while the man’s life and successes are practically of no interest to her.

When it comes to her behavior, she tries to get some advantage both over a man and over all the other people who surround her. She is constantly in a state of competition, not only external but also internal. Competition is what she seeks, as a result of which she emits irritability and is much more likely to aggravate conflicts than to constructively resolve them.

A workaholic often uses flirting with other men to provoke her current partner into jealousy. In this way, she wants to show the man that he was very lucky that she even paid attention to him in the first place. Women of this type enjoy the mistakes of others. Like some athletes (with “unsportsmanlike feelings”), she feels pleasure when someone “leaves the race.”

Drama Queen

Drama and chaos are her constant companions. Her life consists of a series of problems and emergencies. And the man’s task is, of course, to solve all of them quickly. I cannot argue with that, for men this is a necessary growth factor. But only as long as there are reasonable limits in place. She ran out of gas in the car, she was evicted from the house, her ex threatened her with violence, she broke her nail – and all this information and burden must rest on the shoulders of a man that she is interested in.

At the same time, she often drinks in the evenings, considers pastime without partying and alcohol to be boring, and her narrowed or dilated pupils somewhat resemble the eyes of crazy professors from films. To summarize, the drama queen is very unpredictable and thus, a relationship with such a woman will never ever be predictable. Obviously, the vast majority of men are not ready for this and will pass a drama queen by, especially if she believes that everything is in order in her life and there is no need to change anything.

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