10 Things to Know About Travelling Abroad and Stretched Ear Lobes



Even a tiny hole can become a very large hole wither with intentional body art modification or unwanted stretching of the earlobe. But for whatever reason, if a person can find their Stretched Earlobes beyond their desire, they always choose earlobe repair surgery. This straightforward procedure generally needs only a local anesthetic.

Do you know that ear piercings can stretch over a long period, especially when you repeatedly and frequently wear heavy diamond stud earrings while traveling from country to country that can significantly pull and elongate that area’s skin tissues?

Here Are Ten Facts That You Should Know About Stretched Ear Lobes.

  • In many cases, the piercing usually stretches the ear lobe with time if you keep on wearing bigger sizes of earpieces. You can start wearing 1.2 mm and gradually push your ear lobes slowly but steadily.
  • The best way to start stretching is to take small steps towards it, but if you want, you can stretch your piercing by 3 mm with the help of a titanium tunnel. Make sure you go to a professional studio for that; there are many professional studios abroad.
  • Many people have traveled abroad to have stretched ear lobes. But before you start, it is essential to know that all ears are different; for example, some earlobes are attached to the face while some are not.
  • When you have stretched ear lobes properly, it is unusual to experience any bleeding. Therefore, you must pay attention, listen to your body, and have lots of patience.
  • Always remember that when you are not wearing any of your jewelry or a stretcher for a significant amount of time, there are high chances that your stretched ear lobe’s hole can shrink, and it will be harmful if you have used your piercing to stretch your ear lobes.
  • The best time to stretch your ear lobes is right after showering when your skin is smooth and clean.
  • You can also stretch your earlobe manually at the comfort of your own home but always make sure that you massage your skin for a few minutes before stretching your ear so that your earlobe will be even more flexible.
  • Typically baby oil or other natural oils can help you prevent unpleasant odors, but the best and the safest method to stretch your earlobe is by using betadine ointment.
  • Never try to stretch your ear lobe with dirty hands, and always try to clean your jewelry pieces with any disinfectant; even alcohol would work if necessary.
  • Be very careful while traveling abroad and if any new type of element hits your earlobe, it can directly affect or even spread some fungi or some infection which can be painful. Therefore, always be careful while traveling and make sure that your earlobe is always clean and safe.

Ending Note 

If you want, you can even get a new piercing while you stretch your earlobe. But make sure that you have a proper appointment at a professional studio for that. And if you face any difficulties or abnormalities during the phase of stretching your ear lobes, you get professionals to help immediately.

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