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Sanders are power tools used to polish, smoothen, or to clean a surface of metal, wood, or plastic. When you look in the market, you will mainly find three types of sanders- a belt sander, a disk sander, and an orbital sander. All of these sanders serve different purposes so you need to pick them wisely.

In this article, we will walk through some of the top orbital sanders so that you can choose the right one for your needs.

Which Is Better, A Belt Sander Or An Orbital Sander?

A belt sander makes use of the continuous loop of sandpaper for sanding, whereas an orbital sander makes use of sanding disc spinning in small circles. If you ask which is best, then the answer depends on where you want to use it. A belt sander is best for large materials as it is powerful as compared to orbital ones. But if you want a sander for furniture or fitting or DIY, then orbital sanders are best for you. 

One benefit of orbital sanders is that they can work on various surfaces and at difficult angles, whereas belt sanders only work on a flat surface. You can find more about the difference between these sanders at Bob Smith Tools.

All About Orbital Sanders

Orbital sanders are square-shaped and have a sand disc spinning in small circles. They are best for dealing with edges and corners. Orbital sanders are used for smoothening large furniture pieces and are very easy to use! One drawback of these sanders is that they leave swirl marks sometimes but are best for woody furniture. 

Here we have a list of best orbital sanders and their reviews- 

  1. Black & Decker Bdero100 Orbital Sander-

This is an entry-level sander tool that is on the top position of our list. This sander is designed mainly for homeowners who need it for small sanding jobs or DIY work. One can use it very easily because of the lightweight (3.16 pounds only), making it the lightest sander in the market. You can thus, use it for hours without getting strain in your arms. It glides over the surface very easily and gives the best performance. 

If we talk about the spinning rate, then it is 12OPM, which is powerful enough. You can add or remove the sanding pad using a hook or loop system whenever you want. Also, this tool is equipped with a dust container to collect the dust and make the working environment neat & tidy. Also, the customers get a sanding sheet and two years warranty card along with this sander. 

  1. Dwe6421k Dewalt Orbital Sander Kit-

This sander by Dewalt is a 5-inch random orbit sander and the second-best tool on our list. This sander is just 4 pounds and is relatively lightweight. Thus, one can handle it very easily. Since it won’t strain your arm, you can stick to your work for long! 

It spins at the speed of 12000 OPM and offers the best finishes even at difficult places. The design of Dewalt is made to withstand hard conditions! There is a rubber over-mold on the various part of this sander and a dust-sealed switch which prevents the entry of dust in the important parts of the tool. 

There is also a Velcro attachment system for changing sanding pads easily whenever you want! A dust collection unit and three years warranty are provided to the customers. 

  1. Ros20vsc Bosch Orbital Sander-

Another great random orbit sander is ROS20VSC by bosch. There are various features present in this sander that make it the best tool on our list. There is everything in this sander that you would want for DIY and other sanding work. 

The power consumption is fair by this device, and it spins at 12000 OPM, but there is a system to control the speed. You can adjust it at low, medium, or high-speed, depending on your choice. You can achieve smooth finishes easily by adjusting speed and sandpaper course grading. 

Also, this sander has an advanced dust collection unit that is attached to the back of the sanders. There is also a microfilter system that can filter dust particles of the smallest diameter as well. Another great feature offered is the damping system, which dampens the sanding pad whenever needed. The damping system avoids gouges on the surface! 

Apart from that, there is a hook tight pad attachment system, which is very easy to use. Also, the hook and loop system offers great grip and does your work with efficiency! 

  1. Porter-cable 382 5” Orbital Sander-

This handheld sander is exceptionally well made to be utilized in various sanding works. When you compare it for the craftsmanship, then none other sander stands in front of porter cable. Features like 100% ball-bearing construction as well as dust-free switch ensure that the machine remains free from debris and dust

Additionally, the design of this device is made such that it lasts longer. An automatic control system enables speed adjustment as per the requirement of the surface. Another benefit of an automatic speed system is that it prevents scuff marks and gauges on the surface. 

Another best feature is the dual-plane counter-balanced fan, which reduces the vibration in the device! Thus, you can work for a longer time with this sander, and it won’t leave your arms sore! A hook and loop system is provided for easy sand pad replacement. The spinning speed is 12000 OPM, and this sander is best for a light sanding job. 

  1. Makita Bo5041k 5-inch Orbital Sander-

Makita is on the top list of sanders from the past few years! It is also a random orbit sander of 5 inches that comes with various features that make your sanding job easier. There is a dust collection system, double layer insulation for protection, and dual hand control. 

Speed is adjustable from 4000-12000OPM, and it has a 3-amp motor, which will last longer. 


Thus, these are the best sanders that you can find in the market. All of these sanders are designed carefully to meet the worker’s requirement. You can compare features as well as the price to get the most suitable sander to get your sanding job done!

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