The Most Mentioned Releases by Fashion Brands in 2021



Most people across the globe spent the year holed up inside their homes. Hence, it may not be immediately obvious that 2020 was a substantial year in style. If anything, being restricted to our houses showed how people wished to dress, especially when there is no one around to appease or impress. 

Most celebrated in the lack of pressure and positively embraced casual attire. On the other hand, some discovered that fashion supported their sense of identity throughout the uncertain times.

No matter which camp you fell into, you are more likely to find some choice pieces you invested in this year. We bet one of them is included in this list of the most mentioned releases by fashion brands this 2020. 

Seduction of Victoria’s Secret Eyewear 

There’s no doubt that Victoria’s Secret eyeglasses and optical frames are a riot of shapes, patterns, shades, and colors. For us, it is an ode to femininity, a festivity of the diversity of emotions, unrivaled ability to seduce, hold, and captivate, as well as the feminine fickleness. 

The seduction of Victoria’s Secret eyewear is both cat-eye models and trendy geometric designs. Modern interpretations of pilot styles and simple to wear round shapes are also offered by the brand’s designers. 

Kinshasa dress by Hanifa 

This brand has been around for so many years. However, they had a massive breakout last year. Most were presented to designer Anifa Mvuemba’s label in May when her fully virtual fashion show debuting the Pink Label Congo collection went viral for its advanced usage of 3D imagery and creative direction. 

After its massive debut on the digital runway, the dress was mentioned and appeared in editorials and magazine covers.  

“VOTE” Merch 

The “Vote” necklace of Michele Obama wore from ByChari had as big of the message as her Democratic National Convention speech way back in August. The previous first lady paired a brown top by Nanushka with a delicate gold necklace, spelling out VOTE.

The jewelry item was designed by Chari Cuthbert, who is a Jamaican designer based in Los Angeles. It’s available on her website for $295. Even though the election is long over, more and more women are still ordering it. 

Birkenstock Arizona sandals

Big thanks to collaborations with Rick Owens, Proenza Schouler, and Valentino, Birkenstock turned out to be the most sought-after shoe of 2020. Its searches increased up to 225% throughout 2020’s second quarter. How amazing is that?

Converse sneaker

Do you still remember when the Senator then Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris hit the campaign trail in a classic Converse All-Star sneaker? It was the time when powerful women of the world took notice. 

Combat boots

Difficult work needs tough boots. People have been living in theirs this year. After all, you never know what the day or the night may bring. Would you like to soften the concept of the classic black combat boots? Then you can’t do better than this pair of cream leather combat boots from Legres. These boots are set to stick around this year. 


Crocs were able to defy the fashion gods by being the statement shoe of choice last year. In case you didn’t know, the average monthly searches for Crocs totaled 135,000. The EVA foam style obtained numerous makeovers this year, thanks to many collaborations, such as KFC, Peeps, and Vera Bradly. 

Modern, white pearls

The signature necklace of Harry Style made somewhat a massive impact on jewelry selections, particularly among men. Whether it’s Usher, Nick Jonas, Machine Gun Kelly, or Marc Jacobs, a string of pearls was considered the best accent for celebrities’ clothes.

There you have it! These are our top picks of the most mentioned releases by fashion brands this 2020. Which of these fashion pieces would you love to wear and use this 2021? What is on your top list? Please share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below! We would love to know more about them!

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