5 Tips On How To Choose The Best Robotic Vacuum For Pet Hair?


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If you live with pets, you know that without a vacuum cleaner, your family and belongings could soon be buried under a pile of cat or dog hair. Your furry friend might not ever take a liking towards this nifty appliance, but having one is as essential as a water bowl, a chew toy or a litter box. Everyone seems to agree that vacuuming is one of the dullest and hateful chores around the house. And if you have a pet, you are likely to vacuum at least twice as often as your pet-less friends. The pet hair problem can reach unbearable levels especially if someone in your family has allergies. 

If you are looking to get this pesky chore out of your life once and for all, a robot vacuum targeted specifically towards pet owners might be the perfect solution. Cleaning a pet hair filled house can be a challenge for most vacuum cleaners, but not all. Manufacturers are now building all sorts of specialized robot vacuums needed for specific types of cleaning and even floors, including those for pet hair. If you are considering giving this relatively new piece of technology a try, then this article is a must-read before you make a decision.  

Ever since pet hair vacuums landed in the market, the manufacturers have been making some pretty hefty claims regarding their efficiency and uniqueness. They are marketed as the only way to pick up pet hair in a single pass. These vacuums promise to never get clogged on all that fur and clean your home better than the standard vacuum cleaners. But how do you choose the one fit for your needs from all the designs and models floating the market? If this question seems to plague you, this article is just what you need!  

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Here are 5 tips you must consider before you choose your ideal pet hair vacuum cleaner:

Make Sure The Vacuum Has A Variable, Yet Powerful Suction

When you think of a vacuum cleaner, you invariably think of the carpet first. Along with pet hair, there are also pathogens and other potential health risks that are creeping around the fibers of that carpet. So it is of utmost importance that your cleaner has enough suction power to lift all that fuzz and debris particles off the carpet and into the vacuum. A good suction power specification will result in particles deep within the carpet surface being sucked in. This will undoubtedly make your home feel much tidier and hygienic. Variable suction is a feature that is more commonly found in hand-held rather than upright vacuum cleaners. You might want to turn down the suction a bit for vacuuming soft carpets. The suction should be low enough to not lift the carpet and high enough to get it completely cleaned. 

Opt For One With An On/off Brush Roll Function

A revolving brush roll can greatly improve carpet cleaning. The revolving rows of bristles agitate the carpet fibers for powerful cleaning. A vigorous brush roll can be great when you are vacuuming carpets, but it can damage certain types of floors and surfaces. Having the option to turn the brush roll on or off increases the usability of your cleaner. You can use this cleaner on all surfaces without running the risk of harming certain floors or fabrics. This selection should be made when your cleaner does not have the possibility of adjusting the brush height. When the spinning brush is off, you might need to increase the suction slightly. 

Invest In A Crevice Or Upholstery Tool, Or Both.

A flexible crevice attachment is a vital tool for reaching all nooks and corners with your vacuum cleaning device. The flexibility can expand the device’s usability to even vehicles or cloth dryers. With its angled tip and skinny shape, this tool helps you get all the tight spots: under car seats, between cushions, or around vents. As the name suggests, the upholstery tool can be used to maneuver the vacuum cleaner safely over cushioning or drapery. These neat little tools can also be bought separately.  

Take Into Account Bin Capacity

A good dust collection system is key for any robotic vacuum cleaner you buy. It is often that the dust box size is overlooked, or an afterthought, but you need to keep in mind that the bigger its capacity, the less often it needs to be changed. If you have a large home or a pet that sheds a little too much fur, this means you’ll have greater amounts of dirt to remove. In this case, a full sized vacuum cleaner with a large bag/cup would be your best bet. This way, you won’t have to bear the problem of emptying the cup or changing the bag frequently. 

Carefully Consider The Pros And Cons (And Price) Of Smart Navigation

The Smart Navigation feature in a vacuum cleaner gives you neat, spotless flooring without even lifting a finger. Most devices with these feature offer innovations like the indoor positioning system and furniture protection technology. Systematic navigation brings with it a high level of precision, and sets a high bar for thoroughness. It adjusts the route automatically and comes with a remote control facility. These models function noiselessly have a scratch resistant glass cover as well. The only con here is the considerably higher price tag. 

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