The Best Ideas Ever to Light Up Your Garden


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During the summer, spending time in the garden seems like the perfect way to pass time. Wouldn’t you want to enjoy a cold drink in the heat, while being in the company of people you love, be it family or friends? Unfortunately, for several reasons you might be deprived of this pleasure. 

The first reason is work. If you are an adult, then you probably have a job – most people work during the day. Another reason is climate change. Though warm weather is pleasurable, everyone has its limits. With each year the temperature is getting higher and higher, sometimes making it impossible to seat in the garden during the day if you don’t have a pool. A cold drink can only do much.    

That is why while decorating the garden, you need to think not only about how your garden is going to present itself during the day, but also during the night hours. Consider adding lighting – it will help you to prolong the summer evenings, and here are a few ideas on how to illuminate your garden. 

Get Back To Victorian Times

You might ask – What does it even mean? Well, it’s actually quite easy. Go back for a moment to your history classes. You there? Okay, so what did people use to light their way up in Victorian times, since there was no electricity? The answer is lanterns. 

In the past used as flash lights, nowadays are an amazing way to decorate your garden. And useful too! Disposable in any colour you desire, in different sizes and shapes, they give your garden a personal touch making it truly yours. 

Make It Mysterious.

Make It Mysterious.

To create an aura of mystery in your garden, you can addpendant lights Put them in a dark corner – they will illuminate certain spots while leaving the rest in the dark. People love mystery and the unknown. 

Or Romantic

If you are not sure about pendant lights, try using festoon lights. They are a classic when it comes to decorating. They can easily transform a simple table into a place for a romantic dinner. You can also use waterproof light housings to illuminate a pond in your garden

Highlight Your Qualities

You probably have things in your garden that you consider as its best features or that other people compliment. It might be a flower carpet that you spend hours taking care of, the walkway, or even your fence. Or maybe you have some statue? All of these are worth bringing attention to.   

Rightly placed spotlights and up/downlights will draw attention to the things you want them to. For example – set them so that the light falls mostly on a statue if you have one. When entering the garden, a person will unconsciously focus on what you wanted them to by placing lights strategically, in this case on the statue.  

Keep It Safe

Keep It Safe

If you have some spots in your garden, that you think might be dangerous, don’t let them in the dark – light them up too. That way you will avoid any accidents that may happen, for example on an uneven staircase or a sloping lawn. 

Your garden can be both safe and aesthetic. 

Add A Little Bit Of Magic

Remember when you were little, and your mom always read you fairy tales before sleep? What little girl didn’t dream about being a princess or having a fairy godmother? The allure of something magical attracts people no matter what age.     

If you have a tree in your garden, consider hanging fairy lights or Christmas lights on it. Not a lot of work, but it changes the place and the atmosphere drastically. Another option is to add lights along the walkway. Or even better – use glow stones to make it look like something straight from a fairy tale. The lighten up passage will make you want to follow its path and discover where it leads.      

Be Unique

Be Unique

You don’t have to follow the trends to have a stylish garden. Find your own style, be creative, be bold and be unique. Some people will like your choices, and some will not. But in the end, the only person who has to like your garden is you. 

Don’t be afraid to add some colour. A good option are paper lanterns. They come in more versions and shapes than any other decoration. The best part – you don’t even have to buy it. You can create them yourself using a piece of paper, and decorate it however you want. 


There are several ways in which you can light up your garden. However, remember to keep the balance – don’t go overboard. Nobody wants to be blinded by entering it. 

If you are not sure what to do – look for inspiration in the list above. Don’t copy all of the ideas that you can find online – try to personalize it as much as you can.

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