Smokeable CBD for Pain, Anxiety, and Insomnia



It’s hard to come by with solutions for things like pain, anxiety, and insomnia. There are, indeed, more traditional forms of medicine out there that can help you with these problems and symptoms, but they tend to be a little harsh on your physical and mental health in the long-term run. 

Some people also started to use cannabis as a way to cope with those problems, and it has been proven to be one effective way to deal with them, and for some people, cannabis and marijuana have become their miraculous alternative.

With the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in many places around the world, it is more common to find alternatives and varieties to the cannabis plant, and here’s where CBD enters the pay.

CBD is heavily linked to the cannabis plant but works differently, yet achieving pretty much the same physical and mental health benefits. But what is CBD and how does it work? And, is it actually safe? For those wanting answers to these questions, this article is for you.

Let’s Talk About CBD

Commonly known as cannabidiol as well, this compound is, along with THC, the most prominent compound you can find in the cannabis plant. Just so you know, it is THC that provides cannabis with its psychoactive capabilities, but CBD works differently since it doesn’t get people high.

Still, cannabidiol is much more prominent than THC when we talk about the hemp plant, a derivation of cannabis, and most CBD-based products are obtained from it, making them a much more dependable alternative in comparison to medical cannabis, which can get you high when you consume it.

Thus, a lot of people have started to use it instead of medicinal cannabis, yet… Are the benefits real? What do we know about it?

How It Works

THC and CBD can target a newly found compound of neurotransmitters found in our body known as the endocannabinoid system. Although research it’s still in its early stages and there’s much to know about both compounds and the endocannabinoid system, it has linked it to several functions of our body, including the five senses, appetite, stress, sleep, anxiety, and certain physical functions such as inflammation and pain.

THC can meddle with it in a way that can over-alternate its functions, which makes us feel high. CBD, on the other hand, can provide the benefits of THC and cannabis without getting you high.

Actual Benefits

Now, you might be interested in what are the actual benefits of consuming CBD. Well, as I mentioned earlier, there’s much to be learned about it, yet, according to a lot of testimonials on the internet as well as certain organizations using it for health purposes, cannabidiol can be a rather efficient way to deal with specific health problems.

A good example is how people have started to use it to reduce their pain as well as inflammation, caused by accidents or inflammatory diseases, including arthritis and cancer. Some hospitals and health organizations also use it to help their patients deal with the pain caused by medical procedures and treatments such as chemotherapy.

Pet owners have also started to use it to help their pets deal with some of the pain caused by old age and joint pain, which is very normal in senior dogs and cats. This reduces some of their mobility because of the pain caused by joint movements, which can be recovered thanks to the pain relief provided by CBD.

Humans can also engage in smoking cannabidiol strains, which can be rather difficult to obtain, considering that the most common form of CBD product is oil. 

You can get some information about them over here, though:, and as you might have guessed, smoking cannabidiol and taking it through the mouth can have different effects, and we’ll take about it in the next section.

Other benefits of using cannabidiol, for both humans and pets, is that it can help reduce anxiety and some people even use cannabidiol and cannabis to relieve their problem with insomnia and other sleeping disorders. 

There are researches focusing on how cannabis and cannabidiol can also help people who suffer from epileptic seizures, and there’s even research claiming how both compounds have helped reduce seizures by 32% on the research subjects.

The reason why so many people are fond of CBD and cannabis, though, is because of the harmless side-effects that can affect you in comparison to the side-effects caused by traditional medicine aiming to help people with the same problems. At most, you will suffer from diarrhea and dry mouth, and these side-effects can be easily dealt with by reducing the dosage.

Smoking vs Eating

It’s not like you can’t benefit from both forms of cannabidiol products. Is just that, depending on what you are aiming to achieve, you might want to go for one over the other. Smoking cannabidiol strains, for example, tends to provide a much faster effect, but a lot of people might be uncomfortable with the idea of smoking it in their daily lives because of how people might react to it.

On the other hand, edibles tend to provide a much slower effect, that can last longer depending on the edible. The effect is weaker as well, but as you might have guessed, depends on the amount you consume. 

It is the same for oils, but since oil tends to be more concentrated, the effects tend to be stronger than edibles. Edibles provide a much more comfortable way of consuming cannabidiol, though, and can be more subtle in comparison to oil and smokeable strains.
Although the differences are there, they are both methods are still effective.  It all depends on what fits you the most among the options.

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