Great Ways to Upgrade to Safe Home Security



Are you looking to upgrading to safe home security, but have no idea where to start? Safe home security is essential for several reasons. It helps secure your property and valuables but also ensures that your family is extra safe. If this sounds good to you, then keep on reading. In this article, we are going to explore some of the best ways that you can improve to safe home security. 

Purchase a Doorbell Camera

One of the best ways to protect your home, and protect from porch pirates, is to install a doorbell camera. These work by allowing you to monitor your visitors through your smartphone, and see if any unwanted visitors are on your doorstep. They also work by being a visual deterrent, and can even lower your home insurance bill.

Install Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lighting works by activating when an individual moves past the installed sensor. The simple math to this is that if someone is sneaking around and lights suddenly turn on, they tend to flee the scene. Motion sensor lighting also has other great benefits for the home, such as reducing electricity bill costs, and they can assist when you arrive home after dark, and your hands are full. Any outdoor lighting is a bonus and will help deter any unwanted guests.  

Think About Purchasing a Smart Lock

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Smart locks offer an extra barrier of protection and a whole new world of convenience. Most of them operate by connecting to your smartphone, so you can monitor when it is opened, and who opens the door. Some smart locks can also be programmed to lock behind you automatically, so you never have to worry about forgetting to lock your door.  

Install Window Stoppers

Window stops are designed so that your window can only open so far. Their main reason is to stop intruders from entering through windows, as they can’t open them wide enough. They are generally cheap to purchase. However, it’s crucial that they are installed correctly.  

Get an Alarm System Installed

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Alarm systems are one of the most popular choices for those wanting to upgrade to safe home security. They generally work by producing an intense sound when triggered by an unwanted guest. This usually causes them to flee and gives you time to be prepared for any incidents. Some alarm systems can be hooked up to the police department, while others can notify you via your phone. If you have friendly neighbors, it’s a good idea to warn them of your system, so they can also keep an ear out if you are away. 

Place Some Fake Signage Around your Yard

After a cheaper option? A great way to deter unwanted guests is to place some signs around your property, indicating the presence of cameras. Although this is not as secure as the other options, and fake signage can be easy to spot, it is a small step that can improve the overall home security rating of your house. Other ideas like ‘danger, beware of dog’ signs, are also a good option.  

Reinforce your Sliding Doors

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Sliding doors are one of the main break-in points and are attractive to burglars for a variety of reasons. Sliding doors generally use latches, not locks, so with the right strength, they are easily opened from the outside. Blocking bars and security pins can be used to make it impossible for the door to be opened, even if the latch is broken.  

So, there you have it! Those were some of the best ways to upgrade your home security. Always remember to do your research before purchasing, and remember that some systems will need to be installed by professionals.

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