Rolex for Women – The Top Choice for Timeless Elegance



When it comes to watches, there is no doubt that Rolex has made its big name in the industry. Its quality and durability have earned trust over the years. The elegance and prestige of this watch are very evident in its outside features. You will be amazed at how refined the designs are made, especially the gems inside and outside this wristwatch.

People who longed for uniqueness and versatility keep on choosing Rolex. It can go down in deep water and endure extreme heights, temperature, and hard knocks. Explorers all over the world opt to buy this vintage brand founded in 1905. It accompanies them through their adventures, whether on seas or land. The brand itself is the top choice of the crowd among tournaments and races as it presents fine quality and craftsmanship.

This timeless wristwatch brand had proved its worth. Thus, it is on top of the line among others. To help you choose the right Rolex for a lady, here are some of the best models of Rolex watches for women


Rolex Lady Datejust is by far the best choice among other models of Rolex. Its round case, bezel, and bracelet are made to satisfy one’s taste for design and fashion. They are mostly made of gold, two-tone, or Oyster steel with insets of diamonds that make them look elegant. The round cases’ size range starts from 26 mm, 28 mm, 31 mm, to 36 mm that suits a woman’s wrist.

It also has different bracelet forms to choose from – the three-piece link and five-piece link bracelets. The bracelets have names such as the Jubilee bracelet and the President bracelet, which is made in 18ct gold or platinum. What makes it more essential is the date window. You can locate it on the three o’clock part with the Cyclop lens to see it clearly.


The Day-date with a 36 mm size is marketed for men’s use. However, most women enjoy using it too with the “President” bracelet and fit perfectly fine on their wrists. Its size is not too big nor small when worn by a woman. The iconic design of the Day-date shows the day on the upper part of the watch and the date on the 3’o’clock part. 

It exudes extravagance as 18ct gold that comes in white, yellow, or pink, and in platinum makes up Day-date. The usual bracelet that pairs with it is the President bracelet, but later on leather straps and Oyster bracelets are also used.


Yacht-Master is a sports watch collection that is nautical-inspired. It is the only sports watch that made smaller ones for women, which sizes range from 29 mm to midsize 35 mm. They are available in two-tone steel, yellow gold, and yellow gold with Oyster bracelets.

At present, the said sizes were discontinued in favor of the 37 mm Yacht-Master. It is available in Everose gold with the Rolex Oysterflex bracelet and Everose with a two-tone steel and Oyster bracelet. Every size could be in Rolesor which has a platinum bezel and stainless steel Yacht-Master.


The Rolex Daytona is another model made explicitly for males. In the 2000s, Rolex released Daytona models for women which are made in white gold. It has vibrant stone dials and exotic skin straps to look after. Thus, these models have made the “Daytona Beach” nickname.

Daytona watches, which are made in Everose gold or yellow gold, are popular with women for being sporty Rolex watches. Although its size is 40 mm, its slim case stays comfortably well on the wrists. Moreover, it is easy to remove some links from the Oyster bracelet for a great fit.


This is the extravagant collection of Rolex as it offers precious metals and an inset of diamonds with every piece of Pearlmaster. It carries some of Datejust’s features, such as the date window with the magnification lens called Cyclops. It is paired with a five-piece link Pearlmaster bracelet.

Its case is usually made in the size of 29 mm, but Rolex currently added 34 mm or 39 mm cases in the options. The diamond embellishments are very evident in this wristwatch. It has gem-set cases, bezels with dots of diamonds, or paved with diamonds, bracelets, and dials.


Rolex had updated the size of the Submariner to 41 mm but later on became 40 mm, which makes it a unisex model. This sporty watch is designed for diving, thus, the name implies. It is renowned for its durability in the water because of its corrosion resistance property. The numbers in each large dial are clearly seen, so it’s easy to read in deep underwater.

Submariner’s blue and green bezel watches are the most popular with this model. The 40 mm size fits well with both men and women, and the featured colors are very appealing to watch collectors. This model is one of the top choices, even if it is considered a men’s model. Women nowadays love to wear such watch sizes to create a fashion statement that is very popular at present.

Final Say

Rolex has become an iconic watch that represents the prestige and strong personality of anyone who is wearing it. The style boasts its elegance and functionality that every watch collector is after. They have created a wide variety of models, so people have a lot to choose from.

Today, not only men enjoy the power and versatility of Rolex. The women’s collection is a lot to look forward to. The models mentioned above are just some many wonders that Rolex had created. This exceptional timepiece had made its way to the heart of watch enthusiasts around the world. Get your own Rolex today!

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