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All About rokudenashi majutsu koushi to akashic records – Wiki, Review

rokudenashi majutsu koushi to akashic records

The magnificent magic anime, “Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records (Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor)” of the contemporary has gained much popularity in the past and is still quite popular among the youngsters. In this series, you will meet Glenn Radars, who is the sloppiest teacher at Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. He is the sloppiest person for teaching. In fact, it is not incorrect by mentioning that the only thing which motivates him for the job is ‘money’.

While, apart from this nature, he is really a proficient conjuror at the Academy. Genuinely, he is one of the former execution officers who served for the Imperial Court Mage Corps. Without a doubt, by watching this animated series, you will take joy of the mash up of both the genres, ‘the romance as well as the comedy’. The show is marvelously a gratifying one.

Like any good anime, this series finds its source material from a light novel series, written by Taro Hitsuji.  It can be watched online on various platforms including YouTube and etc. It is also available with English dubbing. While it’s true that light novels seldom receive an absolute adaptation, with Sword Art Online and Re:Zero being the rare exceptions, in this case this series did skip a great deal of content and shifted the order of the presentation of story.

For example, after Re=L destroyed all her genetic copies she was traumatized in the novel, but in the TV series she emotionally bounced right back. Episode 10 of the series started with a flashback instead of a wedding scene and episode 11 of it also skipped a good amount of backstory about Sara Silvers, ex girlfriend of Glenn Radars. It also skipped how she died and how Angel Dust is related to her. Moreover, there was quite a few world-building that the series leave out.

Synopsis of the Anime

The Alzano Imperial Magic Academy is known as one of the most notable magic schools in the world. In this academy, motivated young students go through training to become skilled and proficient magicians. Sistine Fibel, a strict dignified girl, and her best friend Rumia Tingel enrolled herself in the Academy, passionate to nurture their magical skills.

However, their world is torn apart when their favorite teacher unexpectedly retires and the mysterious Glenn Radars becomes a substitute. His laidback and apathetic attitude toward magic and life instantly puts him at odds with his students. What is more interesting is that wicked forces veiled within the  walls of the empire begin to become active, whereas, Glenn, Rumia, and Sistine find themselves caught up in their schemes.

The anime follows Rumia, who is disturbed by a troubled past; Sistine, who is enthralled by a mystifying floating Sky Castle; and Glenn, who is not what he appears to be. Despite the fact that they are entirely different on the surface, they are mysteriously connected by a thread of fate.

Interesting Characters of the Anime

The interesting characters of this series are one of the strong points the series is known for. It is quite remarkable to witness how writers thought of characters with certain traits and when the plot proceeds, they kind of alter your perspective of them. Things don’t always appear how they apparently seem for the characters and this series has done a wonderful job of delivering this fact to the watchers. Additionally, characters of this series also play an incredible role in pulling anime fans, making them hooked and curious to know more about them such as their true identity, what the characters did in the past and so on. Lets put the spotlight on the interesting characters one by one:

1. Glenn Radars

Glenn is very laid-back who is constantly bored with everything around. What he loves doing the most is sleeping. After the retirement of Sistine’s favorite teacher, he replaces the teacher as a substitute. Despite appearing incompetent for the role, he is actually quite skilled in magic, not in the conventional sense, however. Glenn used to be obsessive about magic just like Sistine, but got disheartened with it because of the death of his former partner Sara Silvers. He developed a magic of his own kind which is known as “The Fool’s World” that undo the spell of all magic with a specific radius. This, however, was unable to undo the spells that have already been cast. While negating the magic of enemies, he beats them by employing superior hand to hand battle skills. He is not able to use combat magic comprehensibly because of the fact that it is far away from his area of expertise. He, however, has a good comprehension of the concept of all kinds of magic, making him a good instructor.

2. Sistine Fibel

Sistine is the character that admires magic to a great extent and aspires to reveal the secret of the Flying Castle that is known to none. She maintains a sensible and strict behavior throughout. She often scolds Glenn for being careless and lazy. Initially, she dislikes Glenn, considering him incompetent that he used to appear because of his lack of passion. However, when he started his job as an instructor, she started respecting him as a highly effective and competent teacher. Her appearance as well as personality is quite similar to Sara Silvers, who was very close to Glenn. As the series progresses, Sistine seems to be developing feelings for Glenn, but is too shy to confess. She is called White Cat by Glenn and Sisti by Rumia.

3. Rumia Tingel

Rumia is Sistine’s best friend and she lives with Sistine’s family. She is also quite close to Glenn. She is treated well by Glenn, while Sistine faces a lot of teasing from him. Princess Ermiana is the real identity of Rumia, the “cursed” princess who was believed to have passed away three years ago. Rumia owns a high level of spiritual quintessence along with a unique ability “Amplifier” that boosts the spiritual essence, leading her to become a primary target by voracious scientists. She remembers Glenn saving her life three years ago when he was the infamous assassin.

4. ReL Rayford

This character is of a greedy girl with a stoic expression. Being highly proficient in producing giant swords through alchemy, she is famous as “The Chariot”. She is a product of “Project: Revive Life”, hence, an artificial human. The project was led by Sion Rayford, the elder brother of the girl from whom Re=L obtain her memory as well as looks from. When Albert and Glenn close down the project, they adopted Re=L for the military. She did not know her true identity and background until later in the series. When she comes to know about the truth and accept it, she makes up her mind to live on for the sake of Glenn.

5. Albert Frazer

Albert is known as “The Star”. He is a long haired military magician who is partners with Re=L and another ex colleague of Glenn.

6. Celica Arfonia

Celica is a professor at the academy as well as an immortal mage. She apprenticed and adopted Glenn when he was very young. She also recommends him for a substitute teacher, although he seemed quite incompetent for it. She compels him to take the job against his will, with an hope that it will give a sense of fulfillment in his life. There are also hints in the light novel that she has feelings for him.

7. Sara Silvers

She was an ex partner of Glenn and a member of Imperial Court Mage Corps with the position “The Empress”. She was quite attached to Glenn and his only reason to be associated with the Imperial Mage Corps. Not much is known about her in the series. She passed away because of an attack. The hands of angel dust addicts were behind the attack. She, according to Glenn, was a happy-go-lucky person and resembles Sistine, Glenn’s student. Glenn used to call Sara “White Dog”.

8. Eve Ignite

She is a manager at Imperial Mage Corps and Glenn was his subordinate. In the battle with Jatice, she was saved by Glenn and behaves  like a tsundere around him. She is an instructor in the 11th volume who works together with Glenn. She also has feeling for him but tries to hide them.

9. Alicia III

She is an ancestor of Alicia VII and new director of the school where Eve, Celica and Glenn work as instructors. She, in the series, notifies him to utilize the backyard library as a combat zone.

Making Fans Stay Curious and Interested

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records takes you to a beautiful imagination where you are enchanted by the beautiful bond between the teacher and students. This series’ followers think there is a lot more to tell in the series, much more which has not been disclosed yet in just 12 episodes of season 1. They believe that the anime is too short to cover the main storyline. With the ending hinting a second season, it could take some time for the watcher to completely understand the entire story of this series.

What keeps the fans stay tuned to this series is the way writer keep certain aspects of characters from the audience, making them curious to know what happens next and enticing them to keep watch episodes after episodes. Even the plot confuses the viewers to some degree, making them believe things are not as easy as they seem.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records is a very interesting series that keeps the viewers hooked. It boast this wonderful connection of a fellow teacher with his students. However, if you are looking for a straightforward plot anime then this series is not for you. The reason for this is because the way writer approaches the characters in the story and reveals their past makes it move at a very slower pace. Moreover, the storyline also makes the series a bit vague and this is why the series has gotten mixed reviews from the viewers. Additionally, 12 episodes were not enough to tell the entire story in clear way, viewers are excited to watch season 2 of the anime.

The series, no doubt, does feel like a magical one and the way it projects Glann keeps the viewers engrossed and wanting to watch more and more. Moreover, the curiosity that revolves around Glenn entices the viewers to know more about his past. As it is seen in the anime that the character of Glenn never fails to surprise the viewers with something extraordinary and amusing. There were some parts of the series that manages to imprison the essence of being a fellow instructor as in how he fundamentally breaks down the lessons of magic to its basics and how he knows every single student of his as in what their personalities are, what strengths do they posses, what are their weaknesses etc. a half assessed substitute instructor does nothing but asks the students to self study and no one can tell how highly skilled he is in his magic. It’s beautiful how this character reveals itself slowly as the episode progresses. Hence, the character development of this anime is one of the appealing part.

All in all, Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records (Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor) is definitely worth watching. The more you watch, the more you get engrossed and the more you want to know about the characters and their past. So, lets keep the fingers crossed and let’s see what the second season of this anime has in store for the viewers and fans.

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