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Robyn Hilton Bio-Actress, Movies, TV Series, Net Worth

It is unbelievable not to know who Robyn Hilton is. One of the finest TV and film actresses of 70s and 80s, Hilton got recognition after her iconic role in Blazing Saddles. With her acting skills, she played her role in the film by Mel Brook in 1973 which dominated the box office. Not only this, but this fierce actress managed to bag several successful films under her name.

Some of the most famous movies include Starsky and Hutch, The Single Girls, and The Last Porno Flick. Her acting was not limited to films but she performed in various TV projects too. You can see Robyn Hilton’s jaw-dropping acting skills in some of the TV programs such as Police Woman and The Rookies.

This post features information about Hilton’s personal life, career, and achievements that you have never heard before.

Early Life and Childhood

Robyn Hilton is White and has American nationality. However, many resources have claimed that she is of Cherokee Indian and Scandinavian descent. Moreover, she was born under the zodiac sign Cancer – on July 13th, 1944. And, Twin Falls, Idaho, USA is documented as her birthplace.

After schooling, she went to Junior College and Utah State University following her Graduation. Not many people know that but Hilton has worked as a weather girl and dental nurse before stepping into the glamorous film industry. She started it in her hometown. It would not be wrong to say starting off as a weather girl brought her the opportunity of working as an actress.

Career and Films

Her career seems smooth but it is a long ride. When Robyn Hilton posed for men’s publication for the first time, she was only 20. This young and beautiful actress later featured in Nudie Cutie films where she met Mitch Orenstein. This is where she unlocked her luck and touched the heights of success. Mitch Orenstein was the CEO of M.O.R.E Publications. Hilton had the privileged to appear on the publications he owned. Not to mention, she was widely applauded by the audience. This project provided her the

recognition and fame that shaped her career later.

Moreover, she made acting debut in fiction/comedy – My Tale is Hot. This film was released in 1964. Again this project led her to another important project/film of her career. In the same year, she was given a role in the film – Kiss Me Quick. Although she was getting closer to success with every released film because of her astounding acting skills, her career went to steps ahead in 1974.

She worked in the Blazing Saddles along with the co-actors Harvey Korman, Cleavon Little, and Gene Wilder. This movie was a massive hit and shone brightly on the top of the box office. Plus, this film managed to bag around $119 million across the world whereas its budget was $2.6 million.

Robyn Hilton TV series

As mentioned above, she worked on TV series as well. These roles were enough to give tough competition to fellow actresses. She made her debut on TV as Crystal with the series – The Rookies. This series was on-aired in 1974. After a year, she again appeared on TV in Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze. She played her role as Karen.

Later, her fans saw her in various projects including Malibu Express, Hutch, Starsky, and Video Vixens. In the early years of the 70s, Robyn Hilton was the guest on The Tonight Show alongside Johnny Carson. Meanwhile, in 1970, she was still posing for issues of different publications. Hilton ended her contract with M.O.R.E Publications after appearing in six adult movies in 1975-77. Take note that Malibu Express an action/adventure film which as released in 1995 was her last project.

Robyn Hilton Net Worth

It is not a day’s task to estimate the net worth of an actress that has worked in numerous projects and enjoyed fame for decades. Therefore, the real amount of Hilton’s net worth is still unknown. As reports have it that her net worth is under reviewing process. We are supposed to look forward to it until the amount is confirmed.

Despite that, several online sources have revealed that her net worth is somewhere around more than $1 million. This amount is no surprise for an actress who was a part of various successful projects. Moreover, her appearance as Miss Stein in Blazing Saddles helped her gain not only fame but wealth as well. The movie was one of the super hits of 1974 which changed Hilton’s journey in the film industry.

According to media reports, Blazing Saddles was a commercially profitable film that had managed to earn over $119 million. It was released worldwide and dominated the box office as well whereas the budget for the film was only $2.6 million. This movie was turned to be fruitful for Robyn Hilton too as she got popularity and transfer a whopping amount to her bank account.

Robyn Hilton Personal Life

Robyn Hilton was not as successful in her personal life as she was in films. Therefore, her personal life is nothing less than a roller coaster ride – full of ups and downs. She had beautiful moments to cherish forever along with some bitter reality too. Robyn Hilton has been married twice. Her both marriages remained unsuccessful and ended up in divorce.

In 1961, she was first married to William Hilton. It was before her acting career. After seven years of marriage, Hilton parted her ways with William. Their divorced was revealed in 1968. The couple ended their seven years old marriage without disclosing reasons.

Later, Hilton met Mel Gibson who was an American actor. They tied the knot and shared seven children together Hannah Gibson 1980, Christian Gibson 1982, Edward Gibson 1982 (twins), William Gibson 1985, Louis Gibson 1988, Milo Gibson 1990, Thomas Gibson 1999. Although they appear as one big happy family, their marriage also resulted in divorce. Gibson and Milton filed a divorce in 2009 which finalized in 2011.

In her second divorce, Robyn Hilton opted for joint legal and physical custody of her minor child – Tom who was 10 years old at the time of divorce along with fifty-fifty community property. Plus, she wanted spousal support and attorney fees too. However, this discussion continued for two years and the couple settled for 50/50 of the Gibson’s $900 million property. This also includes his total earnings, a ranch in Costa Rice, three houses in Malibu, and an Island in Fiji.

Mel Gibson has acted in various films and is known as a top-notch filmmaker. He has made many successful movies and has bagged Academy Award for Best Director. No one knew Hilton and Gibson 28 years’ old marriage would end in divorce. According to different sources, Mel’s secret affairs with other women became the cause of divorce which the actor denies totally. The couple was separated before filing for divorce.

Not only this, their personal life was in jeopardy already when the actor started to drink excessively. He even got arrested for drinking and reckless driving in Malibu. Thus, these unpleasant events eventually resulted in divorce. This couple was first met when Mel was an unknown actor and Robyn was working as a dental nurse.

On the other hand, the leading lady of ’70s and ’80s lives a simple and ordinary life currently. She is often seen in charities and events. Apart from this, she is not an active social media person. Hilton even avoids media appearance so there are many questions about her life that left unanswered.

Bottom Line

Robyn Hilton contributed to both film and television. Fans who have seen her work, praise it till date. She was a part of a huge Publication as well. Hilton was destined to become an actress and she proved it with her work in different projects. Although she has disappeared from the limelight, her role in the acting industry will be cherished forever.

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