Top Tips To Pick The Right Frames For Your Prescription Lenses



Once you have done an eye test with a professional optometrist, the next challenge will be finding the perfect frames. This can be quite overwhelming, especially if you have never worn glasses before. The massive available variety of styles, designs, and colors can make picking a pair of frames that suit you an absolute nightmare. What’s more, it’s no secret that prescription lenses can be quite costly, and having to flaunt a pair of unflattering glasses can have a massively negative impact on self-esteem. These great tips will help you navigate your way to finding the perfect trendy frames for your prescription lenses. 

Know Your Frame Size

An expert tip to ensuring your frames will fit you just right is to know your frame size. Even when ordering tortoise shell glasses and other trendy frames online, knowing your frame size is vital. Frame designs that are either too loose or too tight won’t provide you with the comfort you need for everyday wear. 

Consider Your Face Shape

While we are all different, there are a few standard face shapes; triangle, oval, heart-shaped, diamond, and square. Each face shape will offer its own limitations as those with a square-shaped face should avoid square nerd frames while those with heart-shaped faces should avoid bottom-heavy designs.

Compliment Your Personal Style

Your frames will soon become an extension of you. While there’s no reason you can’t invest in a few different frame styles to mix things up when your regular frames seem a bit bland, you should consider your style when selecting the right frames. Because you should feel confident when wearing your glasses, opting for a pair that you find trendy and stylish is essential. However, you could also consider a pair of frames for different intentions, as some frame designs are great for business and office life. In contrast, others are more suitable for street fashion and casual wear.

Your Eye Size

The frames’ size is not restricted to how the frames sit on your face, as your eye size will also impact which glasses are right for you. As a result, you should consider your eye size, bridge size, and temple size when choosing frames. You will need to match candidate frames to the size and proportions of your face. 

Professional Assistance

Most new lens wearers opt for professional guidance when selecting their first pair of frames. In most cases, this is a great decision. A professional will be able to quickly determine which frame designs will be most flattering or your facial structure while also considering your prescription specifics. If you are not yet confident enough to make an online purchase, in-store assistance will be your best bet. Once you are more comfortable, online frame shopping will prove far more convenient. 
Wearing glasses goes beyond eyesight needs in today’s fashion-forward world. Instead of picking just any pair of glasses that will enhance your eyesight, investing thought into your decision will help you adjust to your lenses much faster as you will feel comfortable ad confident.

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