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Tissues are the most common things that we use on a regular basis. They are made from trees. To make tissues, millions of trees are cutting down. It is extremely dangerous for our environment. Also, these tissues are used for one time; after that, we dispose of them. 

These disposable tissues create huge trash, which is also harmful to global warming. For protecting our nature and maintaining our personal hygiene, technology brings LastTissue, which is washable and reusable. You can see reusable tissue review to gather more knowledge. 

What Is LastTissue? 

It is the world’s first eco-friendly tissue which is designed to save nature by replacing the one time used disposable tissues. It has an innovative carrying pouch. There are six reusable tissues in this pouch. You can keep these tissues one above one in the packet after using it. So that germs cannot spread over. You can wash every tissue approximately 460 times, which means you can use them for years.

How to Use It?

You must feel curious about, How to Use It? The using process is very simple. The pouch has a tiny opening outlet so that you can pull a tissue. After using, you don’t need to throw it away because you can wash this tissue and reuse it. That is why this pouch has a compartment for keeping the used tissue.

You should put the tissue from the upper side, and don’t worry, it won’t mix up with the other tissues because it has an invisible barrier. When you use all six tissues, wash and dry them. Then keep the tissues in the pouch and start using again.

Benefits of Lasttissue

It is the best creative idea and a great alternative to one-time tissue. Here are some benefits of this product that makes LastTissue more interesting and unique to use.

Set of Reusable Tissues

Many people use handkerchiefs as one-time tissues are harmful to our environment. But because of hygiene issues, some people do not want to use a hanky. Therefore, reusability is the best benefit of LastTissue. You don’t have to use a handkerchief anymore because this product is much more hygienic than handkerchiefs.

Handy Carrying Pouch

Sometimes plastic packets start to tear; as a result, the tissues get ruined. Unfortunately, you must throw out the entire packet, not even using them. On the other hand, LastTissue comes up with a sturdy carrying case that won’t tear out.

This pouch is made from hard silicone, so, in any harsh condition, it won’t crack and bend. You can wash this pouch with a dishwasher to disinfect and clean it. After that, dry it properly, and it is ready to use again. So, put it back on your bag and make the most use of it.

Soft, Plush Fabric

Most of the handkerchief has harsh fabric that goes against your skin. Even one-time tissues can be abrasive to some people. Some one-time tissues contain fragrance, which can increase the allergic issues of some people. 

Luckily, the LastTissue is soft and plush; it won’t irritate or damage your skin. You don’t have to worry about allergic reactions and rashes after using this product. Because it contains 100% organic cotton.

Easier to Wash

After using all the tissues, take them out from the pouch. And wash them by using your hand or washing machine. Wash them at 60° temperature so that it won’t lose its integrity and last longer.

After cleaning, keep them for drying. You can clean the pouch with a regular dishwasher and dry it. Now, you can repackage the tissues into the pouch, and they are prepared to go.

Save Money

Obviously, reusable tissue will cost more than a tissue box. But you have to buy at least six or seven tissue boxes per year which cost the same. Reusable tissue can last for more than a year.

Now decide which one is better? If you get one pouch for every person in your house, it will surely reduce your cost. So, by purchasing tissue boxes or packages you don’t need to waste your money.

Reusable tissues are great for maintaining hygiene, skin, and most important for the environment. For further queries, you can check out reusable tissue review.

More Hygienic

Reusable tissues are more likely to be handkerchiefs. That is why you may feel concerned about hygiene. Don’t worry; LastTissue will provide you with six tissues in a packet. So, you can use a clean tissue every time you need it.

Since the pouch has an invisible barrier, you can keep the dirty tissues separated from the clean tissues. Therefore, transferring germs across the tissues is quite impossible.

Better for Environment

For keeping our environment safe, using reusable tissues are much better than using disposable tissue. One pack of handkerchiefs is equal to 2,800 disposable tissues. Can you imagine the amount of waste we are making? 

LastTissues are 100% biodegradable, so do not worry about creating landfill waste when you throw it away. Also, its pouch is recyclable; you can simply dispose of it if you do not want to use it. If you replace your disposal tissues with this reusable tissue, you can help nature from creating unnecessary waste.

Offer More Convenience

When you use a hanky, you have to clean it after using it for one time. But it’s not possible to wash it every time. So, many people may use this hanky for more than one time, which is very unhygienic. Fortunately, LastTissue offers you six tissues so that you can use the new one.

It has some other benefits also. These are- it comes in five different colors that help you to identify quickly. Also, it is easy to maintain, travel friendly, and sustainable.


It is the most helpful invention that can break all traditional norms. Every day the world goes through a lot of environmental hazards. It is high time to contribute something to the environment by changing some of our habits.

If you start using LastTissue, you can produce less waste. It is clean and hygienic and definitely suits your skin. It requires a bit of investment. After seeing the above benefits of LastTissue, it is worth investing your money in this product.

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