5 Important Purchases for Your College Bedroom



You are probably having a hard time figuring out what to take for your college bedroom. There are probably plenty of things you need to dump just because of space concerns of the college bedroom. Experience teaches you more than online articles will. But, luckily for you, this article is based 100% on the college experience. These are items that will serve you well for the entire three or four years you are living in your college bedroom.

1 – A Metal Lock Box

Even if you have a room safe, you still need a metal lockbox. Buy a small one that you see market stall owners using. Use this to safely store the things you do not often use, such as your passport, birth certificate, grant contracts, and so forth. Lock it, put the key on your keyring, and use belts to attach it to the underside of your bed. People would have to be under your bed to notice it. A secret place is best used for important-but-rarely used items. Some lockboxes are fireproof, but they are more expensive and are probably not worth the money.

Do not put your money into it; keep your money in your bank. Have relatives transfer money to your account; do not have them send it in cash form. You are not worried about your roommate; you should be wary about whomever your roommate lets in. And, in more extreme and rare cases, about the people who could break their way into your room.

2 – A Printer

printer for college bedroom
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Why buy a printer when most of your work is submitted over the intranet? There are many reasons to buy a monochrome printer, especially if you are studying a specialty subject. You need to print off forms, flashcards, and maybe even notes to stick on your walls, which will help you remember key pieces of information for a test. Also, you will make a lot of friends as they visit during the night to use your printer because the library is closed.

3 – Pillow Protectors

Year three, you are going to enter your new lover’s dorm room, and after a night of college bedroom acrobatics, you will notice the pillowcase has slipped off. Underneath is what can only be described as a brown-stain pattern reminiscent of ancient Aztec writing. Pillow protectors go between your new pillows and your pillowcase, and they ensure your pillows never become gross.

4 – A Sandwich Toaster

The opinion is divided as to whether this little device is useful because toasted sandwiches get old fast, but so do most simple foods. If you are smart enough to stay away from take-away food and manage your money correctly, your toasted sandwiches will probably be the only hot meals you eat all week.

5 – An Egg Slicer

The most common joke is that people eat noodles for three years in college, but noodles get old fast after you have tried them with mayonnaise, hot sauce, sweet & sour sauce, and even salt & vinegar. However, eggs are far more versatile. You will find that quickly sliced eggs are a great time saver, especially if you hard boil them in your electric kettle.

Final Thoughts – There Are Many Items You Should “Not” Buy

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You are going to read social media posts and forums that suggest turning your bedroom into a mini kitchen, and it is true, but there are many utensils and devices you do not need. Do not buy pizza cutters, egg poachers, juicers, and bread makers. Take one of every utensil. The people who start college with a full set of knives often find them missing within a month.

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