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This interference function of the Portable Text Format (PDF) file makes it almost impossible to edit or change any materials there in the document. If users incorporate many Pdf documents to manage, the likelihood of finding PDF-related complications will escalate. In PDFBear, indeed, difficulties can still be easy to manage.

Any system and software link its most reliable platform in numbering pages, unlocking, compressing, and fixing Pdf documents. PDFBear also is a software app that you can use for free. A device and also an internet service are what you need. With all of that, let us discover much more about methods and check out the PDF problems that can be overcome.

How To Unlock Secured PDF Files

Though it’s crucial to establish a password with Pdf documents to safeguard its information, it can be an inconvenience. Users will free your data from just being protected if your files might not hold intensely personal data; therefore, you will not have to type the code ever with the help of because it  unlock password protected PDF file.

Then, when this solution for deleting your password will not be accessed, it’ll be better to get some support through PDFBear. PDFBear’s Unlock PDF program has been the most trusted tool for password removal operations. In under a second, users will get a PDF file free with passwords. Please follow the instructions to run the test.

Step 1. Uploading the document is the first step of unlocking; select the file, or you may drag it directly for convenience.

Step 2. Just enter the current password or passcode of the PDF file.

Step 3. After that, select the “Unlock PDF” option and let PDFBear process it for just a second.

Step 4. PDFBear will now unlock your files and is ready to be downloaded on your computer. 

Putting Page Numbers To Your PDF File

This doesn’t seem easy to add page numbers on a PDF file because it can’t be an editable file format. This is why collaborating with software that could provide you with so many things, such as putting numbers on your PDF pages, has been so vital. As PDFBear uses cloud services, you can also use this software everywhere. A similar method, same outcomes. Through taking specific four quick ways, add the page to a PDF document:

Step 1. Click the “Select Files” option and import the PDF Document that requires to add page numbers.

Step 2. After that, wait for the platform to complete the upload.

Step 3. Users will now choose which page needs a page number.

Step 4. Lastly, select the “Number Pages” tab, and in just seconds, you will now know a new file. You may opt to download it and save it to your computer.

Protect PDF File Features 

This would be the safest to protect those documents by installing passcodes when you are managing files with confidential information. Luckily, with just four taps, PDFBear can help you save the files.

An excellent system is used by PDFBear’s Protect PDF method of ensuring powerful protection for every document users would like secure. Its 256-Bit encryption protocol used by PDFBear is the latest system working to keep undesirable people from the papers.

Users also include numeric values, symbols, and uppercase texts with a max of nine characters. Kindly join this simple process to lock the document thru PDFBear’s protection tool:

Step 1. Upload the files you want to modify directly to PDFBear Site.

Step 2. Next, you may input the desired password.

Step 3. After you input, click the “Encrypt PDF” option that you can see.

Step 4. It will successfully protect your PDF file by inputting some passwords. You 

may also download and save the newly converted files.

Repair Damage PDF Files Thru PDFBear

Malware or spyware, all of which have corrupted the document, are creating several incidents in which PDF files get compromised. Through PDFBear, users could still do that. Users could restore a corrupted file with this Repair PDF app. One better technology that proves to convert lost files easier than so many PDF websites helps this repair tool.

PDFBear can aid users to restore their files wherever you can go by way of cloud technology. Users can use this cloud-based recovery tool as long as you will be actively internet-connected

Please review this efficient process for repairing the PDF documents via PDFBear:

Step 1. Just click the “Select Files” and make sure to choose the right corrupted file to avoid you from doing it all over again. If you want faster and more efficient uploading, simply drag and drop the file.

Step 2. PDFBear will automatically process it in their system and will start the configuration.

Step 3. Make sure to click the “repair” option and wait for about a few seconds to complete the task.

Step 4. After completion, save the file directly to your computer or drive. If you will use the file frequently, Google Drive or Dropbox is the best option to access it quickly.


These systems and technologies will ensure a higher level of effectiveness that you can enjoy. PDFBear is an all-in-one app that users can quickly use to number PDF pages, encrypt, unlock and restore files without waiting this long to complete the procedure. Also, you can use it regardless of your browser.

There are a lot of services that people can enjoy using PDFBear. Aside from that, you will also not require to pay for its service unless you upgrade it to Pro, where you can have the advantage of using other services and will guarantee the efficiency of every file you modify.

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