Principles of Effective Business Writing



If you are intending to venture into a business or you are already in a business-oriented occupation, you will have to deal with various customers and clients. As a result, the importance of skill in effective business writing cannot be overemphasized. 

Businesses in nearly all fields need skilled writers to write applications, contracts, reports, manuals, memos, proposals, and advertisements. Hence the need to develop effective business writing skills.

More so, the world is gradually becoming greatly in need of clear and effective communication. The communication may take place via telephone or even face to face.

To be very effective in business writing, there are several principles you must adhere to. In this article, we have discussed the key principles of business writing to help improve your business writing skills. 

  • Clarity of Purpose

Time is a very important element for any business person. Nobody wants their time to be wasted and as a result, you must ensure that the purpose of your writing is clear and straight to the point. It must be one that is worth reading and does not contain irrelevant information. 

  • Clarity and Conciseness

In business writing, idioms, poetic lines, and creative figures of speech are not needed. The main goal of business writing is to communicate effectively with your customers or clients. As a result, you must maximize your words by choosing the best words that are precise and best convey the information you are passing across.

  • Right Tone

The tone is one of the most difficult aspects of business writing. The tone you use when writing can either help or be misinterpreted by your clients and customers. Hence, you must pay attention to your writing tone by avoiding touches of sarcasm. Make the letter as simple as possible so that is cool and just the way you intend it to sound. 

Even more, you must pay attention to not only what is said but also how your words can be interpreted. Try to be formal and not sound too familiar or informal.

  • Awareness of Audience

You must realize that business writing is not just about you but your customers and clients. Hence, it is important to identify your target audience. There is always a difference when you are communicating with a long-time co-worker, a potential customer, or a customer service executive.

Your knowledge of your audience will also help you to choose the appropriate expressions, phrases, and words so that the information you are passing will be clearly understood. Even more, it will help you to know the right information for your different clients and thus improve your writing.

  • Attention to Form

Generally, business proposals, letters, memos, and several other types of business writing require a specific format. Following the standard form of writing helps you to prevent confusion, save time, and help readers to identify the main aim of the document. Furthermore, in business writing, paying attention to the correct format is very important.

  • Completeness

When writing business letters, memos, and others, it is important to ensure that it is complete. The information you are trying to pass must be complete by containing all the information required. Incomplete information may cause more harm than good make it easy for the readers to misinterpret the information being passed across.


Having effective business writing skills will not only help to improve your communication with your clients and customers, but it will also help to reduce the possibility of being misunderstood. Interestingly, effective business writing skills can be developed through proper training.

Although there are several ways you can learn business writing, taking a business writing course from Aventis has proven to be more effective than others.

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