How to Position Yourself to Find the One



Are you unlucky in love and finding it difficult to come across the right person for you? When you’re in this situation, it can be easy to get discouraged.

On the other hand, your life as a singleton comes with many benefits, like being able to do your hobbies and pursue your interests freely. You also get accustomed to your own company and take in the rewards that come with still moments of solitude. But if you’re now ready to open your life and share it with someone special, and you’re finding it difficult, being single can appear frustrating. 

For some people, positioning yourself to find the one can be very hard, one of the main obstacles is emotional baggage. Maybe you were raised in a home without a solid relationship and for that reason, you are weary that a thing of this nature even exists because you are not familiar with it. 

Whatever the issue may be, its possible to overcome your limitations, even if you’ve been hurt several times or have a bad reputation when it comes to the matter of dating, these points will guide you on creating a better path to finding a solid, healthy relationship with lots of love that can last for 

a lifetime. 

When Searching on Mingle2 – Keep an Open Mind

Avoid searching for a relationship like there’s nothing else happening in your life. Focus on activities you love doing, like your health, career, and relationships with friends and family. Once you pay attention to keeping and making yourself happy, your life will become balanced and you will come across as a more fascinating individual when you meet someone you like on Mingle2’s app for instance. 

First Impressions Are Not Always Trustworthy

When it comes to internet dating, the first impression may not be original. Time needs to be invested to get familiar with a person, you may need to experience being with a person in different situations to really see how he or she is like. For example, in various contexts, you’ll get to see how the person behaves when tired, hungry, or frustrated.

Be Transparent About Your Weaknesses

Everybody has shortcomings and for any relationship to stand the test of time, you will need a person who will love you for who you are and not the person you aspire to be or the person they assume you should be. In the dating world, something you may see as a weakness may come across as something appealing and quirky to the other person. 

By removing every kind of pretense, you will encourage the other individuals to be free also, which creates a transparent and more wholesome relationship.

Establish an Authentic Connection

Dating can make you nervous. Thinking about the way you’ll come across and if your date will like you is a natural reaction. But regardless of how awkward you feel, it’s possible to get over that nervousness and build a deep connection self-consciously. 

Focus Your Attention Outwardly and Not Inwardly

To overcome first date nerves, pay attention to what your date is doing and talking about and also what’s going on in the environment around you. Don’t focus on what your thoughts are internally. Being completely present both mentally and physically will help get your mind off any insecurities and worries you may have. 

Show Some Curiosity

If you’re genuinely curious about what someone thinks and how someone feels about certain issues and want to know their opinions and stories, it comes across organically and the other party may like you even more for it. You’ll be more appealing and fascinating compared to if you only promote yourself during your date. 

Don’t Be Fake

When you show genuine interest in what others have to say, it’s not possible to fake it. If you are pretentious your date can pick it up in no time. And because nobody enjoys being placated, this can be a huge turn-off. So instead of connecting and making a positive impression, your efforts will probably backfire. If you’ve made an assessment and are not interested in your date genuinely rather don’t pursue the relationship further.  

Final words

Positioning yourself to find the one means understanding the need to pay regular attention to your relationship, the more time you invest in one another, the stronger the bond will grow. Look for activities you can have fun doing together and allocate time to participate in them, even if you happen to be super busy or frustrated. 
Also, understand that your partner is not able to read your mind, you need to tell him/her how you feel. Once you’re both free to express your fears, needs, and wishes the bond between the both of you will grow from strength to strength. Then finding and keeping a fruitful, lasting relationship will be well within your reach. 

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