Polaris 9350 vs 9450: Which One Is the Best for Pool?

Helen Jackby:


All pool owners have ever heard the name Polaris. The leading American company has been producing swimming pools and various pool equipment for almost half a century. Pool vacuum cleaners occupy one of the main niches among the brand`s products. And today, we`re going to take a look at the specific category of its cleaners – Polaris robotic pool cleaners. We compared two popular models, viz., Polaris 9350 and Polaris 9450, highlighted their strong and weak sides, and chose the winner.

Polaris 9350 

polaris 9350

Polaris 9350 is a robotic vacuum cleaner that features exceptional performance. The model is suitable for up to 50 ft inground pools only and is powered by a 60 ft cord. 

The cleaner is immersed in the pool bottom and starts autonomous vacuuming. The 9350 has special rubber rollers with blades that help it scrub the dirt from the floor, walls, and any other bulges/recesses of the pool like steps, corners, tile lines, design elements. For hard-to-reach places, it uses water propulsion. You have the choice between two cleaning modes – the floor only or floor & wall mode. The first option takes 1.5 hours; the second requires 2.5 hours.

The collected dirt, both large and fine, goes into a seamless, spacious, and removable filter canister. The emptying process takes seconds.

The 9350 features the so-called Vortex Vacuum Technology aimed at constant suction power maintenance regardless of the amount and size of pollution as well as cleaning time. 

The vacuum doesn’t depend on the pool filter or pump and doesn`t use a random motion. The navigation is based on the ActivMotion Sensor. This element tracks the cleaner`s location and following route. Thus, the user can be sure his Polaris won’t miss a tiny area.

For movement, Polaris engineers equipped the vac with four wheels with Aqua-Tax tires, two of which are powered and push/direct the body. This technology contributes to all-terrain even though the cleaner weighs as many as 21 pounds. Besides, to solve the weight problem, it applies an Easy Lift System. It consists of a transport caddy with a special control panel. Immerse the device, and after cleaning, press a button that makes the 9350 come up, extract the water, and wait for you to grab it.

All these almost perfect high-tech features with a 2-year warranty will cost you about $900. So, let`s highlight its pros and cons once again:


  • designed for any inground pools up to 50 ft
  • excellent scrubbing cleaning
  • autonomous work
  • two cleaning modes
  • Vortex Vacuum Technology for perfect suction
  • ActivMotion Sensor navigation 
  • Easy Lift System
  • A fine filter canister
  • 60 ft cord
  • 2WD
  • 2-year warranty


  • high price
  • not suitable for above ground pools
  • heavy body
  • not energy-saving

Polaris 9450

polaris 9350 vs 9450

Polaris 9450 is an improved version of 9350, which combines the same features and several innovations. As usual, this vacuum is designed for inground pools up to 50 ft in length. It`s also independent of any pool`s pump and filtering systems and runs autonomously from the 110V network. For this aim, it possesses a 60 ft cord, which now became swivel.

Here we see an almost identical blue plastic case, but now it became lighter – 16 pounds. But you still don`t have to lift it yourself since there the Easy Lift System with a transport caddy and control panel. Moreover, this model is the first vacuum in the series, which offers a 7-day programmable timer. It means that you can set a cleaning schedule for a week, choosing the day and the time. The cleaner runs two modes – floor (takes 1.5 hours) and floor & wall (takes 2.5 hours). 

For free motion and stuck avoiding, the engineers improved the chassis. Now all its four wheels with Aqua-Trac tires are powered, which is called 4WD technology. 

Two scrubbing rollers collect dirt particles and patina, while the Vortex Vacuum Technology helps the vacuum sustain high suction without clogs. To cope with hard-to-reach places and blow the debris, 9450 uses a rear water cleaning stream. The manufacturer says Polaris 9450 collects four times more debris than other pool cleaners. Consequently, a filter canister also became four times bigger.

And finally, this model uses the same ActivMotion Sensor navigation and route forming.

Though working from the network, the vacuum saves up to 90% of electricity.  

The model is backed by a 2-year limited warranty, but be ready to pay as much as $1000 per item.


· designed for big inground pools up to 50 ft

· scrubbing cleaning

· 4 times more powerful Vortex Vacuum suction

· two cleaning modes

· ActivMotion Sensor navigation

· 7-day programmable timer

· Easy Lift System

· four times more capacious fine filter canister

· 60 ft swivel cord

· 4WD with Aqua-Trac tires 

· lightweight

· more energy-saving

· 2-year warranty


· high price

· not suitable for above ground pools

Differences in Face to Face Comparison


Two models aren’t much different in dimensions or colors. But while Polaris 9350 weighs 21 pounds, Polaris 9450 became 5 pounds lighter with its 16 lb. Besides, both cleaners have 60 ft cords, but the cable of 9450 uses a swivel technology.


The 9350 offers only two cleaning modes that are set through the control panel. The 9450 is more innovative, as you can set a 7-day cleaning schedule, choosing the accurate time. Both models don`t have a remote control.


You can safely apply the vacuums on uneven floors thanks to their anti-stuck Aqua-Trac tires and powered wheels. Nevertheless, Polaris 9450 is equipped with 4WD technology, and Polaris 9350 has only 2WD.

Energy Consumption

Polaris company claims that the 9450 model is a bit more energy-saving, as it needs 90% less electricity than an average pool cleaner.


As far as the 9450 vacuum is considered to be more innovative, it costs about $100 more in comparison with the 9350 cleaner. So, the latter will cost $900, while the first vac`s price is $1000-1050.

Though two vacuum cleaners for inground pools have the same characteristics concerning brushes, modes, navigation, Easy Lift system, and a filter canister, we can see significant differences in other details. 

Polaris 9450 is a younger model and surpasses its predecessor. That`s why we recommend overpaying $100 for a more innovative device. Even the schedule function will be enough to compensate for all expenses. 

Nevertheless, if you don`t pretend to such novelties or have a smaller pool that needs rarer cleaning, Polaris 9350 is still quite a high-quality and functional model. Not offering some of the technologies, does provide the same results.  

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