Top 5 Phone Location Trackers You Should Know



If you want to track someone’s phone location, you might be appalled at the options you can find online. One app after the other with their attractive marketing gimmicks will bewilder you. If you are facing this confusion, this article will give you the right insight. 

Honestly, there are many location trackers. To be further honest, most location trackers are latent carriers of malware and phishing tools. You cannot trust the cheapest alternative as it is likely to compromise the integrity of your system.

So, amidst all the mind boggling alternatives, below are the top 5 trustworthy phone location trackers: 

1. CocoFinder

CocoFinder tops the list of dependable phone location trackers because it is extremely handy to use. Unlike other applications that require installation or software download, CocoFinder is web based. 

As a web based platform, CocoFinder is easy to work with. You leave no trails of your tracking or send any sort of alert. You can use it personally for tracking someone’s location or use it officially for employment background screening with CocoFinder

In addition to knowing someone’s location, you can also ascertain the below mentioned details:

Checking Someone’s Address

You can check someone’s address immediately with CocoFinder. All you need to know is someone’s name or other specific data and details. 

Check Someone’s Criminal Records

Just by entering someone’s data on CocoFinder, you can also know someone’s past or present criminal records. If you are doubtful about a person or engaging in any new deal with someone, CocoFinder can tell you everything.

Check Someone’s Background

Checking someone’s background has become an important tool to check their genuinity. While background check companies can hit you financially, CocoFinder is a reliable tool for the same. It is extremely cost effective.

 Check Someone’s Public Records

CocoFinder is linked to extremely trustworthy public platforms. It derives its data out of such platforms. Hence, you can get all vital public records of someone. 

Why is CocoFinder Better?

CocoFinder is very different and much better than other sources providing similar information. There are many ways in which it far supersedes the other alternatives. Of the very many features that it has, following reasons make CocoFinder truly special:

Simple Interface

CocoFinder’s interface is very simple and very convenient to use. Even if you are a technological expert or a newbie in technology, you will know how to operate and use CocoFinder. 

The tabs in the web based app are nicely laid out in understandable manner. You would know what to do and how. There will not be any requirement for a demo to know what needs to be done. 

100 % Authentic Information

As compared to other alternatives that might even offer unreliable data, CocoFinder is extremely reliable. As you would be basing your decision of association with a person based on this information, it has to be reliable. 

You can trust CocoFinder with extremely reliable information. The real reason behind it is the fact that CocoFinder’s database consists of only public platforms. These platforms are authentic and only deliver data that is 100% accurate.

Time Efficient

Despite having an immensely large database, CocoFinder is very quick in extracting relevant information. There is no wait time in the process. The moment you insert the relevant information, the results will be displayed in a few moments only.

Even with the most common and generic names in the world, the kind of accuracy that CocoFinder shows is surprising. If you have vague data, CocoFinder would still show relevant data. If you have concrete data, CocoFinder would show you accurate details. 

Process of Location Tracking

Tracking someone’s location is effortlessly simple with CocoFinder. You need to do the bare minimum. It is almost like running a search on a search engine online. You do not need to do anything extraordinary, 

As the first step, you need to visit the CocoFinder page. After that, you need to look for the reverse phone number search. Once you have reached the tab, you can then enter the phone number that you need to locate. 

As and when you enter the phone number and press search, CocoFinder will present you the relevant location. In addition to the address and location, you can get other complementary and accurate information. 

The information sought can range from the background check, criminal record check and even residential address. Whatever you need to know, CocoFinder has an answer.

2.  ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is also a very dependable platform to track someone’s phone number. However, it fails to be as holistic and extensive as CocoFinder. As CocoFinder ticks many checks on the block, it still gets leverage over ZabaSearch.

3.  TruePeopleSearch

True PeopleSearch allows you to track someone’s phone location. While it is reliable in terms of the information, it takes too much time. The wait time in generation of the results can be really frustrating. Hence, if you are looking for prompt and immediate answers, TruePeopleSearch can be challenging. 

4.  SpyDialer

SpyDialer is also a good phone number location tracker. It is also used by many people and has created good patronage. It has a rather restrictive database that often poses a challenge to its users. With limitations in data extraction due to limited resources, the surety of results is not 100%.

5.  CheckPeople

You cannot only check people but also check their location with this platform. It is also widely popular in its usage. The perennial line of ads in this platform can also turn out to be a major distraction when trying to attain the location. 


When it comes to the most dependable name in location tracking, CocoFinder is an undebatable leader. It offers so much more than sheer number tracking. It is almost like that extensive directory that can show you all aspects of a person’s life. 

The aspects can range from address verification to employment background screening with CocoFinder. It gives you the kind of insight you must have on a person. Even the things people are secretive about, CocoFinder gets that information as well.

So, when it comes to tracking a location seamlessly, CocoFinder is a winner!

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