Merging Made Easy With The Help Of PDFBear



There are certain times where you would need to merge specific documents because they have been created separately and should have been in the same file. However, most of the time, it takes harder than expected. Luckily, a website was created for the sole reason of making everything more comfortable than it used to be. And that website is PDFBear.

With PDFBear, you would be able to edit and do everything you wanted to do with just a few simple steps, and the best thing about this website is that they have a tool that would process everything within a few minutes. That means, if you are in a rush, this website would be the best thing that could ever happen. Here are the steps to process that.

Steps On How You Would Be Able to Merge All Your Documents Easily

For you to PDF merge, you would only need to follow these few simple steps. Don’t worry. It would not take too long since they have a tool that would ensure all the processes’ quickness. But before everything else, there are things that you need to remember first. These are some of the essential things that you need to have so that you can start.

Two of those requirements are your device or computers, and this is needed to get your documents and upload them. You would also need to have a stable internet connection to save everything you processed. If you already have those things, then you can go ahead and continue on the first step in merging your documents.

The first step that you need to do is to download all the documents that need to be merged and put them on the merging space provided on the website. You can also drag and drop those documents more comfortably and quickly. The next step will be to wait for the website to process the merge and once done. You would be notified.

Once it has been processed, you can now proceed to the third step to modify the things that need to be changed. This is to ensure that everything is correct and in order. After that, you can proceed to the fourth and last step to save all of the finished product on your devices or send them to your Google Drive or Dropbox.

Features And Designs That PDFBear Is Most Proud Of

If you upgrade your subscription to the pro version, they will offer you tons of unique features, but some are focused on, and these things make the website great. You could say that it is the backbone of their website. They are the compatibility, security and privacy and of course the low price that they offer.

Security And Privacy Tool That Would Delete All Documents Automatically

One of the best features they offer is their security system that would automatically delete all the documents you have uploaded within an hour after uploading them. This would ensure that there would be no files or documents left on their site once you have already left and forgot to delete. So, don’t worry about your files being hacked.

Compatibility And Flexibility In Any Types Of Platforms

Suppose you are worried that you will not access their website because you are using the old version of a Windows operating system. In that case, you don’t need to worry about this anymore because PDFBear has a tool that makes sure that you would still be able to access their website even if you are still using WindowsXP.

This website is also accessible in many different browsers. If you are using Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or even Internet Explorer, it would still be eligible. All the developers really sacrificed a lot of time in making this fantastic website, and they are still doing the best they can so that this would be perfected. This is for all of their customers.

A Pro Version That Is Way Cheaper Than Other Websites Out There

Yes, you would still need to pay a little bit of money if you wanted to upgrade your subscription to the pro version. However, if you wanted to use this for a single time only, they also have a free version. This would mean you would not pay anything. However, there are some features that you would not get to enjoy if you are on the free version.

But don’t worry, you can say that their pro version is truly worth it purchase because you would be able to access and enjoy all the features that all their developers have worked hard to perfect. The best thing about this is that their pro version is not as expensive as the pro versions of other websites that offer the same service as PDFBear.


There are many other websites out there that offer the same services and tools as PDFBear. However, with PDFBear, you can enjoy every feature they have to offer at a low price. So if your work or school stuff is in line with PDF documents, upgrading to the pro version is highly suggested for you. Make sure you upgrade it.

Even if there are many other sites out there, you might think that using PDFBear would be a waste of time. But, before you judge this site, make sure to try this first. Rest assured that you would not regret choosing PDFBear. Please go on, give it a try!

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