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How to Modify Read-Only PDF Files With an Online Editing Tool

PDF Documents In A Jiffy

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Whether you are creating documents for a presentation or preparing your resume, you will have to use a secure file format. This way, you ensure that individuals will not be able to modify or copy your file. As a result, most digital users tend to rely on submitting PDF files over Word documents. Besides, it is vital to know how to alter such a file without installing any software.

One of the best reasons to share a PDF instead of a Word document is for the file to look exactly as you intentionally designed it when viewed. The layout, formatting, illustrations, fonts, and everything else. But for the recipients who need to tweak a word or two, it can be challenging to make changes. So, what’s the right way to edit a PDF file? Keep reading to find out!

Easily Convert to an Editable Format

Apply some modifications to your existing documents, such as deleting irrelevant information, unwanted pages, changing photos, updating statistical data, and others. The quickest way to process these changes is to convert your PDF documents to an accessible and editable file like a Word document. When converting, a reliable online tool is necessary.

Moreover, PDFBear is an innovative technology that allows you to edit PDF online free of charge. It is a web-based tool that you can employ to organize and manage your electronic files. Before you run the PDF to word conversion, send the document you want to convert to the toolbox, and then you can apply all the updates and changes to the Word document.

How to Modify Files for Other Purposes: PDFBear Editor

If you are tasked to prepare a presentation for your job, you can readily utilize PDFBear’s editing tools and showcase your creativity. With PDFBear, you can manipulate the resources by editing illustrations, pictures, figures, and even freehand text to your file and documents. There are no restrictions and limitations when using a flexible and dynamic tool like this one.

Beyond that, editing and viewing are some of the main processes that digital users can use with Rather than downloading applications or software, the integration of this tool will make the work more manageable. So, if you have second thoughts about using the site to meet your needs, why not follow the steps below and see if the tool fits the description.

  1. To start the operation, you must have a working device, a computer, and a stable internet connection. Go to your search tab and head to the PDFBear website. The first link to appear is the official platform page. Find the “PDF Editor” in the columns.
  2. From there, choose a file from your Dropbox, Google Drive, or File Manager profile and drop it into the toolbox. You can either execute a simple drag-and-drop step or any sequence you find appealing. 
  3. After sufficient upload, you can add comments, drawings, text, boxes, and highlight a document. Once the changes have been made, tap the tool as soon as the form has been modified to your liking.
  4. Download your file and check thoroughly if the process is done entirely, and save it to your file storage or Google Drive for reference in the last section. Please copy the link provided to make PDF navigation easier and share it immediately.

Security & Privacy

The essence of protection and privacy should be the primary concern when constructing a website or platform for digital public use. With that in mind, PDFBear has done a great job of protecting confidential files. If you encrypt a password for your documents, the record will now be secured by 256-Bit encryption, which is almost impossible to modify and access.

Furthermore, with the integration of SSL or Secure Socket Layers, all of your documents are secure and stable. Secure Socket Layers’ ultimate function is to collect and mix all data transferred between the two parties to prevent individuals from viewing documents illegally while uploading them to the PDFBear system. With this strong security, PDFBear is necessary. 

PDFBear is Accessible Anytime and Anywhere

Finding a reliable tool is taxing because several resources involve installation and downloading. However, with PDFBear, all you need is a stable internet connection. Besides, you don’t need to possess high-specification devices, as all processes will be done on the cloud. Editing has never been this comfortable in comparison to other web-based tools.

Why is PDF Popular?

When Adobe Systems created the Portable Document Format or PDF in the early 1990s, it is now enjoying great success and popularity. However, the prevalence of PDF is not only partly related to its availability and sharing process. What makes the PDF format stand out from the rest is its reliability in working on all OS, devices, channels, and platforms.

Along with that, PDF is now considered to be a specific business necessity and is currently becoming available in all business outlets. Globally speaking, in schools, workplaces, homes, and organizations of all kinds, individuals modify PDFs, include them to transfer information, create presentations, and make the most of their advantages. So, employ PDFBear now!


Although several PDF tools are currently available online, PDFBear ensures that its tools stand out with its sophisticated security system and flexible tools. Being an employee or a digital user means that your document’s confidentiality and privacy must be kept and respected. PDFBear provides all the tools you need and reliable security for your peace of mind.

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