How to Deal with Negative Business Reputation



It wouldn’t be the first time a business has to deal with a negative reputation. Whether it was a fault of your own or someone deliberately tried to hurt your brand, it’s not good for your business. Not only will it stop the growth but can also get you bankrupt. It’s not very difficult to spread false news, and most people don’t even research the validity of what they have heard. 

Even if they don’t believe it, there will be some doubt in their mind somewhere. This is why you should avoid getting into this situation in the first place. If you find your place stuck dealing with a negative reputation, here is how you should deal with it to save your business. 

Take the Expert Help

You have to be very careful in this situation. Anything you do can backfire. It’s crucial to be smart with words and actions because people are particularly reluctant and critical of you. Instead of taking the risk to manage everything yourself, you should take the help of an online reputation agency.

They have experience of dealing with the worst and they know how to get you off negative search results and make a good for your business. This work requires more strategic work than hard work and their experience could really save you from the worst. 

Go to the Root of the Issue

It’s just like taking painkillers without understanding what is causing the pain. You might get temporary relief but it’s not going to make the problem go away. This is why you should look for the reason that started it all. You should see who started all this mess and why he did so. If it was an angry client, you should get in touch with him. 

Instead of threatening him with a lawsuit, you should act as if you really care about his opinion. Give him validation and ask him to help you improve your business and its service. Offer him an appreciation reward in return that doesn’t feel like a bribe. This will also help your business improve its performance. Remember, negative feedbacks and angry customers give the best business advice. 

Involve Your Customers

If you want to fight negative feedback from some supposed customers, you should get your current loyal customers involved. Ask them to help you get out of this mess. They don’t really have to do much. All they need to do is share positive feedbacks. You can take text or video testimonials and market them. Everyone in the market should know about these feedbacks. 

You should market them so much that there should be more positive feedbacks than the ones that sabotaged your reputation. It should take over your search results and you should boost them on all your social platforms. You don’t have to say that the other negative feedback was wrong. Just get the good word out there. 

Publish Press Releases

Press releases help you convey a piece of news to your prospects. You should start publishing press releases on all platforms that might be visited by your current and potential customers. The goal is to inform them of the news. 

This time the news would be covering an event that has been trying to sabotage your image. You should also announce some new launches and good news about your business. It should get them to talk about you, but it would be a challenge to get them to just talk good. 

Get Smart with Advertising

You should invest in paid advertising to reach out to your prospects. You will have to be very smart with what message you convey to them. Come up with something clever that denies everything that has been surrounding you but without directly saying it. 

For example, if someone says that you never deliver on time. You should advertise how you have the best system to ensure the fastest and timely delivery. If it’s really needed, you can also let them know how in the worst case scenario some delay might happen, but that almost never happens. You should also avoid getting defensive. People will start to see you as the person at fault if you keep explaining yourself.

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