7 Things You Can Dump For A Light Move In Australia

Helen Jackby:


No matter if it’s your bedroom or basement, every corner in the house is stuffed with a plethora of clutter which we swear to use someday in the future. You may not feel it as a burden on regular days but when it comes to relocation and move, this somewhere meaningful clutter turns into the biggest hassle to get rid of.


And just to ensure that you don’t get trapped in the dilemma of throwing it away or not, make sure you plan to segregate the useful and useless items before the day of moving. 

Otherwise, it may make the relocation clumsy for you and the moving service company in Adelaide or any other location of Australia. 

To help you feel sorted on the day of moving to your new place, here we have got you a list of items you can consider foregoing: 

A Pile Of Useless Files Or Documents

Be it the electricity bills or your property lease papers, the heap of papers contains everything. Out of the whole bunch of papers, there are some useful documents whereas others can be thrown away. 

Now to ensure that you don’t end up making blunders at the last moment, it is important to sort useful and purposeless documents carefully. This won’t just help you offload some burden from your head but will keep you more organized & clean at your new place. 

Broken Households

If not you, probably your daughter or younger sister must be in love with collecting the broken household items for her DIY experiments. However, the intent behind it is quite creative but after a time these items are forgotten & left in drawers to lick dirt. 


Either collect all these items & pack them in a separate box or discard them for the convenience of your local movers in Adelaide or any other corner of Australia. 

Discarded Clothes

There are some old & torn t-shirts which are hard to throw away. Although, keeping a few of them is good to hold on memories but then make sure you don’t turn it into a heap of discarded clothes. The best you can do is use them to safely pack delicate household items or utilize them as dusting cloth. 

Damaged Electronic Items

In case you feel that the vintage-styled radio won’t work anymore or the PlayStation has completely given up, you should leave it behind or sell it to a repair shop rather than carrying it to your new place as well. This may end up getting some good second-hand value of the electronic item. 

Mismatched Tupperware Items


There are times when we have lost the lid of some plastic containers and then utilizing it for some other purposes. Instead of showcasing yourself as an interior disaster, we suggest throwing them away. If you don’t feel like doing so, use them to pack nails or other small household items while relocating.

Rusted Racks Or Chairs

Iron or aluminum garden chairs start to leave paint & look poor, if not maintained. If the same is the condition with your garden chairs or other furniture items, leave or sell them at second-hand rates in the market.

Stained Rugs Or Towels

Towels used for kitchen or other cleaning purposes are usually stained or torn. Instead of carrying with yourself, you can utilize them to thoroughly clean the home before you leave your old place. If not this, you can utilize them to keep your plants hydrated. Thinking how? Well, wet the old towels, cover the plant with it so they remain fresh even when moving to the new place. 

So, when are you beginning to clean every corner of your home?

The Final Word

Undoubtedly, everyone finds it difficult to throw away the clutter stored in hidden drawers considering it useful for the rainy days. Although, this habit may not affect your lifestyle on a daily basis but turns into a troublemaking situation if you are about to move to your new place.

The best solution to avoid being in such circumstances is to eliminate every unwanted item from your home before the day you move or home relocation. However, your local movers in Adelaide or any other corner of Australia may get ready to assist you with eradicating the clutter but then remember it’s going to delay your relocation at the end. 

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