Top Trending Men’s Hats for Every Travel And for Every Climate



Are you planning to set off to a new tourist destination? Well! A hat is just what you require to top off the event. Whether it’s a summer-dominated venue or an icy wonderland, your hat is going to break off all the outfit meters out there. Let us have a look at various hat styles to fit into your travel checklist perfectly.

1. Weather-Proof:

A weather-proof hat indicates that your travel destination is going to be a sunny one. The hat filled with a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protecting Factor) rating is a perfect fit for your summer travel wardrobe. A hat with UPF aids you in protecting your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is strongly recommended to choose a hat with a UPF50 or more. 

If you are moving towards a cooler location where there are high chances of encountering snowfall or rainfall, go for a water-repellent hat. As it will not get destructed when exposed to these elements, and the quality of the fabric will retain. 

2. Crushable:

Crushable hats are widely popular because of their handy nature. They can be folded and packed very easily in your luggage bag or even your handbag. No matter where and how you pack them, they will not lose their original size. However, you might notice some wrinkles in few hats. But a good-quality crushable hat will guarantee you to rebound perfectly even after being badly knocked around. Crushable hats come in various styles and different types of materials ranging from cotton baseball caps and straw-styled hats to woolen fedoras. And all these hats surprisingly fall into the category of crushable despite the kind of fabric they hold. 

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3. Wide-Brim:

A wide-brim hat is best suited for summers as it offers maximum protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It is 3 inches or longer-sized hat; hence it gives proper cover to your ears, eyes, face, and neck and saves them from the ill effects of the sunbath.

However, many people don’t like wide-brimmed hats due to their extra required length. They find it very cumbersome, clumsy, and awkward. In this case, you can anytime opt for a shorter brimmed hat. But take care to use proper sunscreen and shield your face properly before exposing yourself to sun rays.

4. Fedora:

Fedoras were very famous in the 20s and were considered a favorite of gangsters. Fedoras have again become extremely popular and are best for a normal sunny day. Get one that has a medium brim, and you are all set to head out. Most of these are water repellent, making them even better. So if your destination has warmer weather, then a Fedora would not only protect you from the sun but would also add significantly to your looks.

5. Winter Walking Hats:

Winter walking hats are just perfect for the cold weather. The bill protects the face and eyes from snow and rain, while the insulating material that is used to make the hat, keeps the head and ears warm. You can wear this hat throughout winters and keep the cold away while enjoying your outdoor time on your next trip. You can take a look at

6. Fleece Ball Cap:

A fleece ball cap is one of the greatest inventions for all those who love baseball and like to watch matches throughout the year. The fleece ball caps come with ear and neck coverage along with the bill at the front. This hat is not only suitable for baseball games but also for your trip to a region that is cold but also receives a fair amount of sunlight.

7. Cambridge:

Cambridge is an evergreen show stopper. Also popular as an ivy cap, it originated in the 14th century in England. If you have a dreamy fantasy of preparing a wardrobe for your Europe tour, don’t forget to add it. Because with the Cambridge, you will look like a typical English gent. This is also made of water-repellent cotton fabric. It is very easy and comfortable to carry and is best suitable for cold destinations. 

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8. Switchback:

Were you planning to go on fishing with your family this weekend? Take a Switchback too to impress your fellow relatives even if you fail to catch a single fish. It is known as a mash-up of styles which is a perfect outdoor fit because of its supremely flexible quality. It gives your neck complete sun protection with a 2 ½ inch brim with added neck flaps. 

The Men’s Travel Hat is gaining popularity throughout the globe. Because you don’t need to be a resident of a particular weather atmosphere. For every weather condition, a suitable hat is readily available. You just need to follow the points mentioned above to find the best-styled hat for your outfit. Don’t just go for the one that fits on your head but also raises your style quotient and reflects your unique sense of fashion.

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