Secret Behind Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss



For many years Melissa McCarthy has been entirely known for her weights. However, her roles in different TV shows like Mike and Molly, and Gilmore Girls, raised her popularity even more. She started her acting career back in 1980 as a stand-up comedian and worked hard to become one of the most sought after actress in Hollywood. The mother of two has exercised her skills in different varieties of genres in both Television and films.

Melissa was once known as Hollywood’s biggest woman, but she later shed off 75 pounds for a new role. After that astonishing weight loss, different people thought that her secret for losing weight was as a result of losing weight supplements.

For many years, Melisa has been criticized because of her weight, but her confidence wouldn’t let her succumb to such negative comments. Of late, Melisa has experienced a significant weight loss to the extent of being highlighted on the cover of a local magazine.

The Hollywood celebrity confessed that it is out of observing her diet and regular exercise that contributed to her weight loss. She concentrated on food that is low in carbohydrates, high in protein, the ketogenic diet that is based on carbohydrates reduction up to 50 grams per day and raising the protein and fats intake.

The actress said that she stopped worrying about her weight, overthinking, overanalyzing, and overdoing things. She went back to the life she used to live when she was pregnant and avoided constant being nervous about her weight.

Weight is a Stress Factor

According to Melisa McCarthy, food impulsivity is not specific to a particular emotion. Various kind of emotional state such as guilt, shame, anger, boredom, sadness, and anxiety can trigger your food habits.

How Melisa McCarthy Looks Like

Melissa has become a role model for every woman who is struggling with her weight. She committed to taking control of her life to remain healthy. To accomplish her goals in reducing weight, the following are the changes she made in her life to reduce weight.


A lot of people with overweight issues have blood sugar levels that are not balanced, hence contributing to fluctuation in insulin levels. Like what Melisa did, you can keep your blood sugar steady by doing away with foods with a lot of sugar. As a way of losing weight, Melisa derived her fiber from organic sources such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.


The famous actress chose to use martial arts and resistance training in her journey of losing weight. Such activities are great since they incorporate your entire body, that is, your legs, torso, and arms. Such exercises allow you to put pressure against your muscles to become stronger and lighter at the same time.

Natural Supplements

The other thing Melisa used to do on her journey to weight loss, is deciding on taking natural supplements during her meals time. She opted for Garcinia cambogia a supplement derived from Malabar tamarind a fruit grown in various parts of Asia. The supplement helps her burn off calories since it helps her keep her metabolic rate at a consistently high level so that she was able to burn a lot of calories at a faster pace.

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