Rolex – 7 Reasons That Makes It A Timeless Masterpiece



Bold, extreme, and ambitious was Rolex’s birth in the 1900s. Hans Wilsdorf’s visions on a single watch became an enormous success. The fusion of art and Science became possible. Consequently, the Rolex watch is a product of intensive research and is crafted with luxurious design, superior quality, and durability.  

In 1905, Rolex was founded by a then-young gentleman Hans Wildrof. At the age of 24, he established Rolex as a company specializing in the distribution of timepieces. When innovations were few, technology was simple, and plenty criticized new ideas; Rolex watches, a timeless masterpiece, made history. Moreover, this brand offers functionality in style to clients, making it the most prestigious watch in the industry.

Created Using Intensive Research

Since its humble beginnings, a Rolex watch uses intensive research. For Rolex, excellence is the name of the game. Indeed, its success remains consistent and continuously innovates. Every piece is assembled with attention to detail, functionality, and the ability to survive the most extreme conditions. A Rolex watch is put into test before it is sent to authorized stores.  

Built with Superior Quality and Durability 

  1. The Stringent Waterproofness Test

All Oyster Perpetual pieces are equipped with the Oyster case. This case provides optimal protection to the movement against outside elements such as water, dust, and shocks. The process subjects each piece to immersion in water. Also, a pressure greater than that is present at the depth to which it is guaranteed. This test proves that every Rolex Oyster can resist at least 100 meters of water pressure. Dive with your Rolex watch and find it still in one piece. 

  1. Water Resistance Test – The Deepsea Test Tank

The water resistance ability of Rolex Deepsea divers’ watch is done through the Deepsea Test Tank. Rolex tests each watch in a specially designed high-performance tank. This test ensures that a piece can survive an extreme depth of 12,800 feet. Dive with your Rolex watch and find it still in one piece.

  1. The Drop Tests Survivor

There are more than 20 different drop tests before each watch is launched. All Rolex watches must pass these drop tests. The belier is the most crucial and severe test among the 20 stages. It is a shock testing equipment that subjects the watch to an impact equivalent to 5,000 G. For a wristwatch to pass the test; it has to remain unharmed and functional after the impact. The functionality should meet the highest standards of accuracy and appearance set for a Rolex watch. 

  1. The Simulation

A Rolex watch, a timeless masterpiece, is not named as such for nothing. The simulation process is done to ensure that it can stand the test of time. This test is possible thru a white robot behind a safety – glass screen. The process takes day and night. A Rolex undergo to a series of random movements repeated at regular intervals. 

The test is done using an articulated arm that is anchored on a base. The robot simulates the movement of a watch wearer. These movements pertain to everyday gestures and the way an arm moves during sports such as running. During the simulation, the watch is also subjected to a few low-intensity shocks. This simulation gives the designers a validation on their assumptions about the watch’s behavior while in use.

  1. The Oystersteel: Corrosion Resistant

The Oystersteel belongs to the 940L steel family, alloy, and is most commonly used in high – technology and aerospace, and chemical industries. Rolex, which constantly strives for excellence, specially developed the Oystersteel. Due to its extreme resistance against corrosion, it offers a superb finish once polished. This corrosion resistance feature makes it possible to maintain its beauty under the harshest situations you can imagine.  

  1. Crafted with Luxurious Design

Every piece from a Rolex collection speaks of elegance and luxury. The brand only uses the most precious metals produced from years of development. Radiance and harmony make each watch a head-turner.

The brand takes pride in its exclusive formulas for ensuring exceptional durability and polish. 

A Rolex watch possesses a unique sheen that lasts almost a lifetime. Moreover, to produce the various types of 18ct gold, the brand exclusively uses such gold and the right mixture of elements, including silver and copper; yellow, white, and Everose, Rolex’s exclusive pink gold alloy is produced. 

  1. Oysterlock – Rolex Signature Security 

It is essential for the bracelet and the lock to outlast the most formidable forces with everyday and rough usage. The Professional Rolex models are matched with the new generation Oysterlock. This lock has undergone 26 various types of drop tests before the launch. Furthermore, the watch was also immersed in tanks of salt water and chlorine together with sand. The process involved the opening and closing of tanks tens and thousands of times. This number is about thrice the clasp’s given lifecycle. 

Rolex a Superlative Chronometer 

The Green Seal that accompanies every Rolex watch is its status symbol as a Superlative Chronometer. An exclusive seal for Rolex, this guarantees that a watch piece has successfully passed a series of specific final controls in the Rolex Laboratories. Also, this seal comes with the official COSC certification of the watch’s movement. The green seal comes with a five-year guarantee, and this applies to all Rolex pieces.

Rolex watches present a wide range of collections from classic to professional wrist watches that suit any wrist. The classic and the professional collection are easily recognizable and reveal the Rolex identity in an instance. Each piece from the collection possesses features of timeliness and exceptional functions. 

In A Nutshell

Be on time and in style with Rolex. Rolex, a timeless masterpiece, accompanies its user from the depths of the sea, on land, and while on great heights. Tested to the extremes, each purchase of this watch is an excellent value for its price. The single vision that started it all had tremendously withstood the challenges of time. Rolex championed creating and innovating its founder’s vision of waterproof, functional, and reliable watch pieces. 

Indeed, Rolex had established its position as the leading and unbeatable name in the watch industry. Each piece resonates with beauty, durability, and craftsmanship. Due to its reputation as a watch manufacturing company, Rolex became a favorite of timepieces enthusiasts worldwide. Lastly, a Rolex watch on their wrist is an accomplished dream.

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