Major Problems Sleep Disorders Cause And What You Can Do About That



This article takes a closer look at some of the major sleep problems and their possible solutions.


Insomnia is a medical condition characterized by difficulty to fall asleep or to remain asleep for as long as you need to have a good rest at night. Insomnia can cause a wide range of problems such as low energy levels, bad moods, concentration difficulties, and an urge to nap during the day. It may have a negative impact on your relationships and on your social life. Insomnia may also prevent you from completing your daily tasks and chores.

Possible Solutions

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most successful treatments. In order to find out more details about this therapy, consider discussing your problem with your GP or with a sleep troubles specialist. Exercising during the day and leading a more active life may also help alleviate your insomnia. Good sleep hygiene can help, ensure that your mattress is comfortable and supportive, take a look at these Sleep Number reviews. Also, mindfulness can be a great method to heal insomnia, as well as to decrease your stress and anxiety.

Most insomnia sufferers take sleep medication to fight their condition. While such sleeping pills can be highly effective, they shouldn’t be used for longer than a few nights at a time. If you suffer from persistent insomnia, you should ask your GP for advice rather than relying on the use of sleeping pills.


Sleepwalking occurs during sleep. This is why very few people can hold any memories of this act. While some of these people get up and walk in their sleep, others perform various tasks such as cleaning. This sleep trouble is more frequent in children than in adults.

Possible Solutions

Sleepwalking isn’t a threat in itself. The problems appear when you start behaving in a risky way during your sleepwalking episodes. Stress and lack of sleep are among the triggers of this condition. In adults, sleepwalking can be a consequence of alcohol consumption. For more details, you should take a look at all factors in this guide and try to apply this knowledge to get a good night’s sleep every night.

Night Terrors

Unlike nightmares, night terrors occur during the deep sleep phase, and this is why people rarely remember them. Night terrors are frightening and extreme, so they accelerate your heartbeat and make you scream or sweat. More often than not night terrors being in childhood and fade away as you grow up.

Possible Solutions

Medical doctors know very little about night terrors and about treating these patients. In case might terrors are caused by a traumatic experience, you might be able to find help in seeing a good therapist to deal with your subconscious drama.


Snoring is extremely common sleep trouble. It affects over 40 percent of adults in the UK. Snoring is actually a breathing problem, as it occurs when airways get blocked during sleep. The consequence of these blockages is that our breathing organs start to vibrate. Snoring is rather a problem of our roommates, as it may prevent them from sleeping.

Possible Solutions

Nasal strips can keep the nasal passage wide open, thus improving the airflow. Also, sleeping on your side rather than on your back may help to alleviate your snoring. As alcohol is one of the aggravating factors, you may want to consider limiting its consumption. In case you’re overweight, consider losing a few pounds to reduce your snoring.

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Apnoea is defined as a condition characterized by long pauses in breathing or shallow breathing. Most of the time, your breathing will suddenly revert to normal, often with a choking sound or with a snort. The problem of people who suffer from this condition is that they can wake up multiple times per night, and therefore waking up exhausted.

Possible Solutions

Sleep Apnoea is a much bigger problem than snoring, so you should be seeking treatment as soon as possible. The biggest problem is that it deprives your brain of oxygen, thus leading to other health issues. A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device can be the ideal solution. If you think you need one, call your doctor to discuss it.

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