Led Lights And Colour Temperature – How To Choose The Right One?



LED lights come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colours. There are many advantages of using LED lights instead of ordinary light bulbs. LED lights can replace any old-fashioned light bulb you hurl in its path. They have so much to offer compared to conventional lights, such as colour temperature, efficiency, and lumen count. They are long-lasting, versatile, and consume less power.

When it comes to buying LED lights, it will be a daunting task to choose the right one because of the availability of so many options to choose from. While making a choice, you need to consider many factors including your house design, the place, type of furniture you have, and likewise. Whether you need cool, warm, or neutral temperature LEDs, the right choice will help your house or workplace look wholesome.

Well, you might be interested in knowing the answer to this question: ‘What is colour temperature?’ 

What is Colour Temperature in LED Lights?

Colour temperature is a fanciful term to define how warm (amber) and cool (blue) light is. To explain it more easily, we would like to use the example of sunlight and how it works. 

We can easily observe the change in sun colour over the course of the day, measured in degrees kelvin. Midday colour readings will be bluish-white, and temperature readings will be 6000K. Whereas for sunset, one can observe a very ‘warm’ amber light with a temperature of about 3000K.

Hence, colour temperatures are measured in degrees Kelvin, and the colour range lies between warm hues to cool hues. You can find LED lights from 1000K to 10,000K in the market. The higher the number, the cooler the colour and vice versa. 

Low Led Colour Temperature Bulb:

If you love relaxed lighting and a warm environment, you should choose a low LED colour temperature bulb. You will get soothing and relaxing lights at the end of the colour temperature spectrum.

 These LED lights are most commonly used in restaurants, spas, bedrooms, and other living spaces. 

If you want to avoid harsher and brighter LED lights and want to upgrade your home’s lighting, you can just simply ask for LED lights ranging from 2000-4000K.

Medium Led Colour Temperature Bulb:

To upgrade lighting at the office, classroom, bathroom, kitchen, and the like, you must choose a medium LED colour temperature bulb. These lights help you to be more alert and focused. For example, you have to be more alert while shaving in the bathroom and cooking in the kitchen. These LED lights are mandatory at places where proper focus and lighting is key. For getting them, ask for LED lights ranging from 4500K-6000K in colour temperatures.

High Led Colour Temperature Bulb:

If you like harsher and brighter lights, go for high LED colour temperature bulbs. They give bright white light, similar to daylight, and are used for tasks that require attention. Ask for LED lights ranging from 6500K and up!Now you can choose your desired LED lights. Just go to marcled.com and buy LED lighting and accessories that will fit your needs.

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