Kodi 16.1 APK Review – How to Download and Install



kodi 16.1 apk media streaming software works like an open source which was called as XBMC formerly. As splitting off for becoming Kodi apk, it now has become an excellent way of cord cutting for viewing content which they might be missing onto TV. For those who live in a foreign country, maybe you know the issues already which you face while tending to view the same TV shows which you used to on apk.

Here is a brief guide on installing Kodi 16.1 onto various platforms like windows, raspberry pi, and Mac. Remember that there are some steps involved in the process, thus it would be wise to go through this post and refer to it during the download and installation process.

Kodi 16.1 APK Review

How to download and install Kodi 16.1 apk?

The first step would be to download the Kodi from the online site of kodi.tv. after that, the following methods are used for the installation of Kodi 16.1 on various platforms:

Installing on Windows

If you run Kodi (or want of running kodi) on the windows platform, then go to the downloading page and click on the option of the latest release of Kodi v16.1 apk. Tap on the link of the installer which downloads an .exe file which takes you through a process of installation of Kodi 16.1.

For installing the latest version of the Kodi, after downloading the .exe file go to the installation of Kodi 16.1 at the same location where you have installed the older version of the Kodi and that version will get updated to the newest one.

Installing on Mac

For installing Kodi 16.1 apk on the lac, or updating the existing installation of Kodi, go to downloading page of Kodi and choose the installer link located below the logo of apple. It will make a .dmg file downloaded for Kodi 16.1. By double-clicking, the file will make it into MacOS Sierra or Mac OS X in form of a disk image.

Open the image and then drag it into the file of Kodi app via disk image to the folder of applications. Kodi can make this easier by bringing up the window which allows you doing this. with the windows version of the Kodi, if you really want of updating the existing Kodi, install to the latest version by simply installing the newer version by replacing the older one.

Installing on Raspberry Pi

As you download and then install the software of Kodi in your default raspberry operating system which comes along with raspberry pi, the recent version of the software isn’t yet available. It means that you won’t get able to install Kodi 16.1 apk in Rasbian only yet. But, there are few distros built in case of raspberry pi which uses Kodi so that you can easily install it. For instance, the beta version of the software is released by LibreELEC which is based totally on the Kodi 16.1. You may need of installing the LibreELEC onto your SD card after then insert this card in the Raspberry Pi. Finally, launch LibreELEC distro.

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