Comparison Between King vs Queen Beds



It is quite obvious that a perfect bed and a perfect mattress are very ideal for having a peaceful and sound sleep. There are multiple beds and mattress sizes that are suitable for different persons. And the most popular bed sizes among them are the King Size beds and the Queen Size beds. Both the bed sizes are very much popular among consumers. So, if asked how much bigger is a king than a queen or which bed size is more popular than the other, you can guide them through this article. If there remains in someone any shred of doubt between these two or anyone needs to understand the core differences between them, then this article would guide through all the doubts.

Difference Between King Size and Queen Size

Since, both the bed sizes are very much popular so it gets very difficult to choose between a queen or a king. But the factors that we mention shall work as a guide for you all. Talking about the dimensions the size of a king-size mattress is 76×80 inches. This bed size is mostly found in large size rooms and is ideal for those couples who want extra space in their beds. King-size mattresses are ideal for master bedrooms and couples with a pet or a baby can have enough space to sleep.

But again, this mattress or bed requires a very large room which is again not available in every household. And if you place a king-size mattress or bed in a smaller bedroom, then your room shall get congested with less space left to place other furniture. Whereas, a queen size bed or mattress has a measurement of 60×80 inches. The main point of difference lies only in the width of it. The queen size is appropriate for those who prefer sleeping alone and need some space as well. Also, the couple who are on a budget and prefer a small and cozy place to sleep can go for a queen bed or mattress. This bed is compact and very space-efficient. Single people wanting extra space on their beds can go for queen beds as well.

Though both the bed sizes are popular and comfortable, the selection depends on whether you are single or with a partner. Or whether you want extra space on your bed or need a cozy place to sleep in. If you are single with no kid or pet then opting for a king-size would be foolish. This is highly inappropriate and unnecessary. But this is highly recommended for couples who want some space for themselves in the bed.

The queen size beds are ideal for single people but still, this bed also needs quite a large bedroom if not a master bedroom. Those having a master bedroom and with a fat budget can anytime go for the king-size as it is much comfortable and spacious.


Talking about the cost, the price of both beds can vary depending on multiple factors. It is to be noted that the king-size beds are a bit costlier than the queen beds. And the reason is very much natural. This is because the dimension of the king bed is a bit larger and the accessories are large and expensive too. You need to make a decision depending on your budget, your room space as well as your needs. Both the beds are very much popular where you can get plenty of space while sleeping. Also, the accessories are cheaper as well and easily available. All the famous brands ensure that their accessories are easily accessible. This helps in ensuring brand loyalty and boosting sales process. You can find accessories for king-size or queen-size beds in any specialized store. These stores would provide you multiples of options for queen-size and king-size mattresses.

So, as we discussed, there is no need to be worried about the price of both the mattresses as there are not very significant differences between their prices. You can easily manage affordable mattresses within these price ranges.


Space is another factor that you need to keep in mind while purchasing mattresses. It is not mandatory that you have to buy a queen-size mattress even if you are single. You can go for a single mattress or double mattress as well. All you need is at least 2 feet distance on all three sides of the room. This is just in case you want to add some furniture to your room or if you want some walkable space in the room. And if the size of your room is less than 12×14 feet, then you would have to select any bed other than the king size.

Again, the perfect dimension for the queen-size mattress is about 10x 12 feet. This would make your room less crowded and at the same time, this would allow for ample space to move around and adjust furniture. All that matters are personal preferences. You should opt for and buy a bed that you are comfortable in. But the queen size bed is the most popular and demanding among the two. The dimension of a queen size bed is quite larger than the full-size bed and can adjust two persons easily but with lesser space. This bed is also smaller than the king-size bed and you can easily adjust this in your small room.


Talking about comfort is all about which mattress you prefer. If you prefer the mattress with much space and are sleeping with your partner, then you must go for a king-size mattress because this provides ample sleeping space. For smaller spaces, you can opt for a queen-size mattress.

The Bottom Line

So, we have explained the differences between the two-bed sizes. The difference is only in the width but that is capable of making a great change in your room. So, plan according to before buying a mattress. The choice is all yours. We hope that that article has been able to clear your doubts.

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