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10 Ways to Keep Safe from Coronavirus

As lockdowns are a new normal in many parts of the world and the world grapples with the pandemic, it is becoming more and more important to keep everyone safe from this virus. The best way to prevent corona from spreading is to decrease the risk of exposure to coronavirus by following SOPs. To stay safe, you just need to follow simple precautions like social distancing, wearing the mask or 4inbandana, live in well-ventilated rooms, avoiding any crowds, washing hands frequently, and always coughing in a tissue or elbow. Yes, the world cannot stop but you can follow these simple steps. 

Always remember when you go out unnecessarily that the risk associated with coronavirus is cumulative. Choose not to join any activity or gathering where there is a large crowd or gathering as the more people are gathered in a place, the more are you exposed and the risk of getting COVID-19 increases. You may have a barbeque with another family but cancel the beech trip or sudden shopping spree that is unnecessary. 

In case you plan on going grocery shopping or going on a weekend trip, try to avoid taking public transport as the risk of exposure is more in the public spaces. Travel via private car if you have one or if it is unavoidable to go through train or bus then keep yourself at a safe distance. 

Many people are bent on going to excursion areas but remember if you will go to those places at every cost then choose safe ways to do that. This way you will decrease the risk to your health and the others. If you are traveling by train or such then chose the corner which is quite away from other people and do not forget to wear a mask when you are there. Put the mask properly on your face and do not touch things without any reason. 

It is very important to research first about how much corona infection rate is in the area where you are going. If you can avoid going you should in case the infection rate is high in the locality. You should see if you are going from a low infection risk area to a higher one or vice versa. In both cases, it would be better to avoid traveling with different infection rate areas because you might risk others to infection. 

Yes, we as humans always get excited at the possibility of going out as we are not like birds who can sit caged in our homes but that does not mean that we should risk exposure. If you are doing any activity with gathering, make sure to practice distancing. Interact socially but act wisely. Wear a mask and ask your loved ones to wear one too to minimize the coronavirus risk. Make sure that everyone involved in such activities follows the safety measures. Tell the participants politely that it is for their safety and everyone else’s. Do not argue just convince with logic and facts.

If you have kids then make sure to check if the daycare is implementing proper safety measures to give protection to children. Ask questions like has the daycare implemented some screening system for kids and the staff to see if someone has likely COVID. Also, ask them if they have given proper training to staff about the risks of COVID and if someone exhibits any symptoms then what should they do. Are the staff and kids wearing masks and following social distancing? 

If you have hired a babysitter for your kid then ask him/her if they know about COVID risks and symptoms. Also, ask if they are following proper measures at home and in their social activities to avoid exposure to COVID. You should ask the babysitter if he/she will follow all these measures while with your kid and teach the kid to keep washing hands frequently. If they do not fulfill these criteria then you might need to rethink hiring them. 

You know very well that places like swimming pools have a lot of attendance at all times and people come from various places. So, avoid going to swimming pools but if you are not ready to give up on that then remember that chlorine is not a vaccine against COVID. Follow the same precautions there which you would follow otherwise. 

Pools will expose you more to COVID as spewing, sputtering, and splashing activity in pools may expose you to the respiratory droplets of other people and you should know that COVID spreads through droplets. 

As most of you know that COVID causes inflammation and asthma medication reduces it, so if you are an asthma patient, do not avoid the medication for any reason. It will most likely protect you from getting anymore sicker. 

It is a common problem with some people that wearing mask make them feel dry and thirty in summers. But a mask is important to wear as it protects from allergens and viruses. If you have a thirst problem, hydrate well and try to avoid heat as much as possible. Cotton masks are also an option to wear in summers. 

If you must host family meals then it is better to arrange them in outdoor settings and keep distance among the tables. Do not let anyone share food items with others. Just dine outside at family dinners. 

So, these are some ways to keep you safe from coronavirus. I hope it helped!

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