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If you followed the link to this article, you probably want to get acquainted with the companies of React JS in the United States. Did you know that some of the best React companies in the world are located in the United States? That’s right, and this article is designed to introduce you to them!

In general, in any part of the world, you can find a good React JS development company. It all depends on the customer, whether it is important for him to see each other’s life (the company and he must be in at least one country) or the customer arranges online meetings. The price of the company’s services will also vary depending on the country. To tell the truth, the work of React development companies is highly valued in the United States, because the standard of living in this country is at a high level, so the money that programmers receive must cover their living needs. Because there are many different companies in the United States, each of which is special in its own way, their customer base includes customers from all over the world. It is incredibly convenient that nowadays the client’s place of residence and the location of the company do not play the biggest role in the choice, because everyone can communicate with each other via SMS, online calls, and video chats. So if you do not live in the US, but cannot go to another part of the country, no problem, everyone will always be in touch.

So, which companies can be called the best? In my opinion, a good company should have:

  • customer base;
  • database of projects;
  • feedback from customers;
  • promoted social networks;
  • own feature;
  • association with the words reliability and quality.

Now I will explain each point. So, the customer base. Is it really cool to see that the potential company whose services you want to use has cooperated with large corporations or brands? This is trustworthy, because if such large-scale projects have used the services of this company, it means something. Or if it’s a small company that is just beginning its journey, then the more you need to show you’ve worked with it. From this follows the second point – the database of projects. Posting projects on the site is a must. This way the client will be able to understand whether this company suits him visually, or whether the company develops projects in that spirit and direction. In addition, seeing as many works as possible, the company will show how multifaceted it is and then definitely get new customers.

Next is the paragraph about reviews. Let’s read reviews about the company. How it worked, how much time was spent on development. How communication took place, and so on. It is not necessary to do this on the official website of the company, because there are only mostly positive reviews.

Social networks also play a very important role in our time. The company can be contacted on Facebook and Instagram, so all social networks should be active and in the spirit of the company, revealing its idea.

The following point follows from these words. The company should stand out in such a way that the client thinks that the company can do what he wants. It’s about the company’s idea of ​​how it positions itself, what it can give. You need to choose your target audience and direct the development of the site and developers to their needs.

And the last point is positive associations. If the company is mentioned somewhere, let it be a positive memory of good and qualified work, because a positive response can attract new customers, and a negative one can repel new customers. Therefore, companies need to work carefully on all projects to create and maintain a good reputation.

Here is my list of the best React JS developers in the United States:

CronJ Technologies

To begin with, I would like to mention CronJ Technologies, a company that can be called an innovator in strategic ideas, because their idea is to rethink the presentation of startups in the usual way for us. Thanks to innovative solutions in the field of IT, ML and IP services, and much more, CronJ gets world-famous companies and startups into its customer base, which is not afraid to look at themselves from a new angle. The large team that works with CronJ is tuned to the latest solutions to the tasks set by the client in order to have a quality product at the end. The main feature of CronJ is quality. This feature is very important to the company and for its sake, CronJ transcends all possible realities and creates a super product that has everything among the target audience.


The second company I would like to mention is Zagaran. It is a company based in Boston and specializes in software development for companies of all sizes. Using their services, you can create your product from scratch or rebrand an existing application. Many customers have done a successful rebranding thanks to this company, so you will definitely not regret choosing it. Zagaran works with a full stack, so you will find all the necessary specialists in one place, without wasting time looking for specialists to solve any issues. The peculiarity of this company is the extraordinary attention to the needs of the client. In Zagaran you will not only be heard, but will do everything possible to hear “Wow!”

Copper Mobile

Copper Mobile is third on my list of the best React JS companies in the United States. Their main idea is that thanks to the skillful development of a mobile application, many problems of the company can be solved. This company is special because they are proud not of themselves, but of the clients who chose it, because only your work speaks better than you. That’s why Copper Mobile is taught in their projects by all 110%. They can safely say that no other company will give what they and their customers can give. Copper Mobile considers the problem of each customer as completely new, not comparing it with other tasks, so the solution of the problem will also be unique for each project.


Of course, in this list you cannot forget about DockYard. By choosing this company, you invest money in the future of your project, and DockYard promises (and does) that your project will have its own brand and mind that will work on its own. This company offers a full stack service. That is, you will find everyone in one team of programmers to create a project from scratch and bring it to market with support in the process. The peculiarity of this company is a meticulous attitude to the smallest details in the project. When the customer gives a general vision of the product, DockYard will make sure that everything up to each button works for the customer and has success among other products on the market.


If we talk about business solutions, then it is necessary to mention the company Promatics. Promatics will be the best solution for a business idea, namely its implementation in a mobile application. This company, like no other, has all the resources to create a competitive, high-quality and reliable application that will attract new customers and bring the product to the Top. Promatics uses innovative product development solutions, using its own experience and creating new solutions on its own. Promatics will make every effort to ensure that your company enters the rhythm of sales in the market as soon as possible and you make a profit to close financial holes. The philosophy of Promatics is that they create a product that not only lives among a bunch of other similar applications, but has maximum success in sales. So, Promatics will make every customer outlet receive a product with complete software and high marks in the market.


If we talk about the online store, a synonym for it has long been called DigiFutura. This company has long been among the top companies that are most developed in the field of sales. DigiFutura cares about its reputation, so here you will find all the technical innovations that the world of web design can offer. The company cares about its customers, so it works as flexible as possible with all orders. The DigiFutura team guarantees that by choosing it, it will create products that will more than succeed in the market and bring a stable income. Do you know that in order to increase sales of your product, you need to have an application to sell the same product? DigiFutura will do its best. Just say what you want and in the end you will have a finished product.

Diverse Programmers

Let’s move on and now let’s look at Diverse Programmers. This is a prestigious company with a high rating and popularity. In their work, the developers of Diverse Programmers are guided by innovative solutions that can give the maximum for the client. The peculiarity of this company is a clear structure for building an application. It all starts with market research and the study of competitors. Then for each project a personal plan is created to solve the tasks given by the customer. The whole team is working on it to work on the best idea. In general, a lot of research is done before embarking on the practical implementation of the task. That is why as a result the customer receives a cool product with a promising future.

So, as you can see there are plenty of companies that work with React JS in the US. This is not the whole list of companies, I wrote about a very small percentage, but the companies mentioned here are really leaders in their field and subfields. It is very cool that some companies are more narrow-minded, because they focused on achieving the best results, such as web sales.

The companies that work with everything are giant companies. They have a very big responsibility. In general, companies that work with full stack, personally I have a lot of respect. Just think how many professionals are gathered there, who create an application from scratch. They simply turn the idea into a reality that brings money to the customer and satisfaction for those who use this application.

I also wanted to add that there are companies that really have all the features that I wrote about at the beginning of the article. They are proven and it is worth using their services. So if you liked any of them, feel free to go to the sites and write about cooperation!


So, to draw conclusions about everything written, I want to say that the United States is a highly developed country, so the field of web development is also thriving. React JS development companies are located all over the country, and most of them are really highly qualified and rank high in the world rankings for React JS development companies.

In my list of the best you will find a variety of companies with a wide range of services. I am more than 100% sure that you will find there what you were looking for and take the first step towards realizing your dream. Read their description again and choose the one you like best. You can contact directly on the website or in other social networks.

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