Role of IoT software Development in IT industry



To know anything about IOT we must take a quick tour of the word “IOT”.

What is IoT ?

The full form of IoT is the Internet of things . It is the kinds of devices that have sensors , microphone, camera, wifi , bluetooth, Artificial intelligence ,etc that get interconnected with each other over the internet. For example- smart speakers, home security system having cameras and sensors, smart lighting system,smartwatch,etc 

With time in iot software development, we have seen that people are getting more accustomed to these devices and making a part of it.

Why is IoT important ?

According to a news report out of 21.7 billion connected devices we have more than 11.7 billion IOT devices. We can estimate that almost 50 percent of devices are IoT. In fact despite Pandemic spread worldwide there has been a massive surge in the sale of IoT devices that shows people are adapting to these devices and using it more in their daily life. Eventually these devices have become an integral part of our lifestyle and humans are adapting to it rapidly.

Role of IoT software development in IT industry

With the above explained analytics we can say that IoT devices are going to be part of every human being soon and thus it will directly impact in revolutionizing the Information technology industry.

Through the following points we can say analyse the role of software development In IT industry

1. Agricultural smart products

As we know our planet earth is becoming cramped up by human interference and less agricultural land than ever before. We must consider the solution to human food demands so that we must not run out of food in our near future. To solve this problem, the IT industry has developed many smart devices as well as sensors for the agricultural farmers to ramp up agricultural production. Smart sensors, better climate warning devices, dairy feed management devices with AI. Since most IoT devices are equipped with AI, they learn about data and farmers resources and according to that execute their output decisions that ultimately help in productivity of the farmers.  

2. Security 

With the help of IoT devices we have highly enhanced our security features upto a great extent that at the end helping mankind upto a wider extent. Using a network of IoT devices a perimeter of security is ensured by Information technology industries. Security network contains a range of IoT devices such as motion sensors, Face detection enabled ccTv cameras, night vision equipped vehicles accessories, etc. 

For an example – In China the government has developed public CCtv cameras in such a way that cameras in public can identify the person’s face and identify vehicles by reading the number plates in real time. These technological advancements are therefore weaving an extra layer of network which improves the overall security of people. Therefore with the help of IoT software development we can make a more secure society around us .

3. Product monitoring

According to a report in 2011 General electric, a multinational corporation, announced  that it will invest around 1 billion dollar IoT devices for its plethore of sprawling businesses. It has business in aviation , health care, power industry, renewable energy, etc. They did so to collect the data by monitoring its equipment such as jet engines, hydel power plants, health care systems, etc .These things really make a change in the growth of a company in the long term . With the regular improvement in IoT software architecture we can say that it was a wise decision of that time, which nowadays most of the companies consider. It helps in analyzing consumer behavior and improvement of equipment with productivity and efficiency.

4.         Energy efficient

Development in software of IoT devices has reduced  the consumption of energy by IT industry . with the small and useful devices that can monitor as well control the use of devices or systems and reduce the energy consumption in a great manner. Smart lights, alarm systems, power backup, switching between renewable to non renewable sources,etc observe granular activities of the devices. Therefore small but important changes lead us to larger changes .Due to regular software improvement in Iot devices these features keeps improving and ultimately benefit the IT industry in the end. 

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