Are You a Pet Owner, I Think You Should Invest In a Pet Vacuum Cleaner



Rearing of pets comes with a great challenge-hair. If you have been wondering how you deal with hair that your pet leaves everywhere in the house, you just came to the right place. This is the ultimate pet vacuum review. 

The nightmare of pet hair on the floor or carpets can be very disgusting when not properly dealt with. This is an experience that cat and dog owners have to contend with every day. Fortunately, the end of the nightmare ends as soon as you buy a pet vacuum cleaner. Pet vacuum cleaner is one of the handiest household utilities you can have in your home if you own a pet. 

What Are Pet Vacuum Cleaners And How Are They Different From Other Vacuum Cleaners? 

What Are Pet Vacuum Cleaners And How Are They Different From Other Vacuum Cleaners?

If you have absolutely no idea what pet vacuum cleaners are, we have put together some of the most revealing reviews. 

Pet vacuum cleaners are machines designed to help you clean the pet hair from your floors or carpets. They are designed such that they exhibit both brushing action and powerful suction. The two combinations extract hair from the carpet and furniture too. The vacuum cleaners are very popular with the pet owners to keep their house environment worth living; free from pet hair and other dirt. 

There are various brands of pet vacuum cleaners that are sold all over the world. Many manufacturers have come up with various designs with varied functionalities to suit your desire. The common characteristic is to remove hair from indoor surfaces. Some of the common brands include; Miele, Hoover, Vax, Wertheim, among many others. 

Why Use Pet Vacuum Cleaners? 

Why Use Pet Vacuum Cleaners?

When reading pet vacuum reviews, you should bear in mind what you want the vacuum to achieve, and the type of surface you will be using it on. 

The fundamental use is for removing pet hair from various surfaces. The surfaces are like; carpets, floors, furniture, and many other indoor surfaces. 

Pet vacuum cleaners can also be used on floors that do not necessarily have pet hair. 

Additionally, vacuum cleaners can be used to groom pets directly. This is only possible when the pet is not scared of the vacuum cleaner as observed by many pets. 

Form the above explanation, it is clear that the vacuum cleaners are designed and manufactured to perform to various functions. They can remove pet hair from the surface; remove allergen-causing dust and the various types of dirt that pets bring to the house as well as groom your pet. 

If you are a pet owner, get out there, read pet vacuum reviews 2014, and invest in one that meets your budget. 

Various Types of Pet Vacuum Cleaners 

There are various types of pet vacuum cleaners available in the market. Some come on with premium price tags and additional features. Others come at relatively lower costs and reduced functionalities. Whatever you choose, make sure you have read the 2014 pet vacuum reviews to understand what exactly you are getting. 

Here are some of the pet vacuum cleaners that we have reviewed this year and will greatly recommend to anyone looking to buy a pet vacuum cleaner in 2014. 

1.   Sebo X4 Pet Edition 

This offers both the current ball technology and advanced Radial Root Cyclone Technology. It comes with extra brushes; 4 in number and Zorb carpet powder for best cleaning experience. 


  • It has a self-adjusting powerhead. 
  • Has strong suction power that helps to remove much dirt from the surfaces. 
  • Comes with a washable HEPA filter 
  • It measures 42.1”H x 15.5”W x 13.4”D and weighs 17.4lbs. 

5.   Sebo D4 Premium 

This is a powerful, full canister sized vacuum designed for any floor type. 


  • Has 12” powerhead. 
  • It has S-Class filtration. This meets the HEPA standards. 
  • It features pet hair turbo brush that’s handheld with an additional 20 extension tube. 
  • Cleans a radius of 50 ft. You can clean large rooms. 
  • Has a Patented Air belt bumper. 
  • It weighs 15.9lbs and measuring 9”H x 12”W x 19”L. 

These are just some the pet vacuum cleaners which are in the market. There are many other types like; Sebo Felix, Hoover S3865, etc. The common underlying characteristic is cleaning with differences in features, which comes with changes in the pricing. 

So before you go to purchase your pet cleaner, you have to make some considerations. These are some that may help you arrive at the best cleaner. 

  • Know the type of pet vacuum cleaner that you want. 
  • Check its durability and strength. 
  • Evaluate the capability of the cleaner. 
  • Check the unique features of the vacuum cleaner. 
  • Consider the loudness of the loudness of the cleaner. 
  • Go for the price that’s favorable for you. 
  • Take into consideration the rating. 

Where Can You Get The Pet Vacuum Cleaners? 

Those who have read pet vacuum reviews will tell you that the machines are available all over the world; in the nearby stores and machine shops. 

You can make an online order from the companies. They make shipments to your destination. Before shipping, they offer free packaging. In some cases, they go-ahead to offer free shipping. So this clearly shows that owning a vacuum cleaner is quite simple. 

Make your house free from dirt from pets; be it hair or any other type of dirt. This ensures your house’s hygiene is well taken care of. You are at the same time free from some of the ailments which may be brought about by such dirt. 

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