Six Unique Ways To Make Your Indoors Snuggly Livable


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We all want to live in comfortable homes. After all, human beings today are no longer working round the clock for their basic needs. They work hard, day in and night, to ensure that they are surrounded by the best things in life that bring in additional comfort and luxuriousness. The rising temperatures outside, climatic changes, increasing emission of greenhouse gases, suspended pollutants in the air, etc., are taking a toll on our lives. The least we can do for our mental and physical comfort is to make our indoors snuggly and pleasant to improve the comfort and livability conditions of the place.

Read on to know six different ways to make your indoors a homely place – a place marked by warmth and safety from the adverse environmental conditions outside.

Potted Plants And Flowers

There are indoor plants that help improve the quality of air inside. These are plants that have been advised by NASA – Money Plant, English Ivy, Spider Plants, Rubber plant, Snake plant, Peace Lily, Bamboo Palm, and more. Some of these are flowering plants that help clean the air inside and transition the place’s look so dramatically. Flower pots are readily available these days. You can buy them at attractive prices from an online store or even from a brick-and-mortar shop nearby. Remember to take good care of these plants as they can be around for a long time and is one of the cheapest ways to breathe in the fresh air.

Create A Digital Corner

It is critical to move out of the digital clutter that has become an integral part of our lives these days. That is why it is ideal for earmarking a place in one corner of your home as the ‘Digital corner.’ It is here that you can keep your laptops and desktops. You can make a home rule that no one can take their smart devices out of these zones. If this sounds too stringent, you can earmark a specific drawer in every room to keep the smart devices. Make sure to put your phone on the ‘do not disturb’ mode after returning from work.

Bring In An Eco-friendly Humidifier

Humidifiers introduce moisture to the room and the indoor space and help fight the side effects of dry air. Some of the side effects include watery eyes, nose bleeding, or dry throat. All these can take a toll on your health and make your life uncomfortable. With the choice of an eco-friendly  humidifier for room, you can significantly improve the quality of your life. Ensure that you pick a noiseless humidifier so that your sleep does not get disturbed. 

Introduce Charming And Pleasant Smells

Candles are the best options here. There are plenty of scented and perfumed soy candles available these days. These are made with pure and natural essential oils that have been derived directly from nature. Hence, the smells are also natural and therefore healthy. You can choose the scents as per your mood and likes. It is part of aromatherapy, too, that is followed at professional spas and wellness centers. Soy candles are nature-friendly and do not leave behind any soot. 

Curtains And Curtain Holders

Curtains just do not help maintain your privacy. They also act as the perfect medium to filter out the harmful rays of the sun. In the summers, curtains help keep the heat outside, and in the winters, the rays of the sun can be let in by opening the curtains. It helps maintain the temperatures of your indoors at pleasant levels. Using attractive and beautiful holders, the curtains can be hung stylishly. It brings an elegant look to your home. The curtain holders can help in enhancing the beauty of the place substantially. Use the online medium to browse through some handsome options and pick the right one for your home.

Sleep Well By Choosing Soft, Sustainable Bed Linen

A critical aspect of our bedroom that we often forget is that it is not a workplace. Most of us tend to work in bed. Rather than this, you should ensure that your work is kept out of your bedroom to improve the bedroom’s living conditions. Ensure that you pick linen for the bed made from eco-friendly materials and is skin-friendly. Using such soft and supple bed linen helps you fall asleep fast and encourages you to sleep soundly and uninterruptedly through the required eight hours. Also, make sure that you have heavy curtains that help in keeping the room dark. It promotes sound sleep. 


The hectic life outdoors can put your health to risk. At least, when you are home, you should be able to relax contentedly. The air that you breathe and the overall ambiance should be fresh and pleasant. Adopt these ideas to make your indoors qualitative and livable.

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