How To Protect Your Ford Ranger



Protect your favorite Ford Ranger with interior and exterior accessories. Whether your Ranger is a workhorse around your home or a dedicated company vehicle, find out how you can prevent rust, scratches and other issues. Shop for custom fit seat covers, exterior covers, and custom bed liners today to find out how you can accomplish any project with your truck without damaging its paint or interior.

Truck Bed Protection

A common issue with Rangers is a damaged truck bed. Whether you’re hauling lumber, loading up your dirt bike or carrying lawn and garden tools around your property, prevent damaging your truck bed with durable covers and liners.

Truck Bed Protection
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A Tonneau cover protects your equipment and creates a sleek look. These rugged covers come in a range of materials and are designed for your specific year of Ford Ranger for a custom fit. Choose a custom-made, waterproof truck bed and tailgate liner for years of rugged use. A spray-on liner can be messy and difficult to control, so work with a quality full-piece liner for easy installation and long life.

Interior Coverage

After a long day on the job, the last thing you want to do is track a bunch of dirt and mud into your Ranger. Protect your seats and floor with custom-fit mats and seat covers. These dynamic products are easy to remove and clean, so you won’t have to worry about stains, rust or unusual odors. Choose rubber mats for long-lasting protection throughout your truck.

Storage Covers

At the end of the day, dust, moisture, and other weather issues can cause significant damage to your Ranger. Park your truck safely with the best indoor and outdoor car covers. Compare the material of both indoor and outdoor covers and be sure to choose a custom-fit cover to protect your entire truck.

Storage Covers
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An indoor cover is designed to be lightweight and breathable. These covers are best used to prevent dust, splashed oil or slight scratches as you navigate your garage. Choose a cover that’s easy to fold up and store out of the way in your workspace.

Outdoor covers need to provide greater water resistance and scratch protection. Choose a cover with a waterproof or water-resistant coating to prevent water spots and rust from forming due to the elements. An outdoor cover is ideal for parking away from the comfort of your garage.

Long-term Storage Options

If you’re putting up your truck for the winter or for a long vacation, invest in long-term storage options. An indoor or outdoor storage cover is a great place to start, but consider choosing tire covers as well. These durable covers are designed to fit your diameter wheels and prevent UV rays, water, and mud damage.

Care for Your Ford Ranger

There is a wide range of protective accessories for your Ford Ranger. Consider the best tire protection, interior protection or outdoor storage options to find the best accessories for your truck. Whether you’re concerned with rust, a scuffed truck bed or dust and water spots, shop online to find custom-fit products to treat your Ford Ranger right.

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