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How to install SOD – Expert Tips for Sodding

It does not matter if your lawn is all barren or needs a renewal. The easiest and fastest way to get a very lush lawn is by laying down the sod. There are different prices for all kinds of sod but if you want to know how to lay the sod then continue to read this article. The general price for the sod is almost 40 cents for each square foot. This means that you have to pay 400 dollars for an area of 1000 feet square. You can lay down the sod in the spring season when it’s quite cool or when the warm season arrives.

How to lay sod

●       Firstly take a soil test

The best thing to do to give your soil a good environment is by testing your soil. Most of the green grass survives when the pH level is quite acidic. You can get a soil test kit from somewhere and then test your soil from different places of your garden.

Mix the soil and then put it in the soil bag. The price for the test is approximately 15 dollars and make sure that you do your soil test one day ahead of when the sod comes.

●       Take measurements of the sodding area

Carefully measure the area of the sodding and make sure you measure it correctly so that you do not have to overpay. The sod can be purchased from a farm and you will have to answer questions that the supplier will ask. He will ask about the quality and texture of your soil and grass. You must make sure that you get your sod delivered within 24 hours and lay it down as soon as you get it.

●       Put organic matter into the soil

Loosen your soil by using the rototiller from 6 to 8 inches. Remove all the unnecessary materials like debris and rocks. The organic matter will to improve the aeration of the soil and increases the number of microbes in the soil. The organic matter in the soil will improve the quality of the soil and make it healthy.

Rake the soil level

The next thing that you have to do is to rake the soil level. You also have to make sure that it should be an inch below the paved area. The purpose of the rake is to even out the soil and make a smooth soil cover. One more thing to remember when how to lay the sod is to water the soil as it should be watered before you lay sod.

After trufing and creating seams, you have to lay down small pieces of turf in the middle and then cut the curves. Now fill the seams and then roll the sod and then sprinkle over the sod properly.

Mowing and fertilizing the grass

After you are done with these above-mentioned steps, you have to mow the grass and then finally apply the fertilizer. Your new lawn is now completely ready. These were the steps about how to lay sod.

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