How to choose a Perfect Hoodie at Vlone?



As it’s already cold in many regions of the world. It’s the most exciting season of the year when you can wrap yourself around some good hoodies, coats, and jackets. Winters are all about warm and cozy clothes, coffee mugs, gloomy evenings and leaves sound as someone steps over them. It’s the favorite time of the year when many big brands offer yearly sales and you can buy everything that you need at discounted prices. 

As it’s getting cold, it’s a great time to buy some new comfortable, and attractive hoodies. When we talk about hoodies, many big names offer yearly sales on hoodies and jackets. Vlone Hoodies are one of the best hoodie brands for both men and women. Vlone hoodies are soft, smooth, and comfortable hoodies. These are perfect for the winter seasons. Right now vlone hoodie is offering huge discounts on all its hoodies. 

So rush towards its official website right now and grab as many hoodies as you want. But before adding your favorite hoodies to the cart, you must remember a few important things. In the article below there is a brief guide to buying a perfect vlone hoodie for yourself. 

So let’s have a look. 

Type of Hoodie

There are many different types of hoodies available at vlone hoodies. The two most common types of hoodies are pullover hoodies and zip-up hoodies. Before buying a hoodie, it is important to decide the type of hoodie you need in your closet. Pullover hoodies are my most favorite hoodies, as they are easy to carry. You can style them in various ways. They are lightweight and they look stylish anytime you wear them. In addition to that pullover hoodies look great with many other clothing items like jackets, coats, jeans, and sweat trousers. 

Zip-up hoodies on the other hand have their charm, these hoodies are perfect for layering up. Also, zip-up hoodies are for people who want to wear a hoodie without spoiling their hairstyle. 

Both these hoodies have their charm. So think carefully, which type of hoodie are you looking for. Once you have found it, add it to the cart and proceed to checkout. 


Another important thing to consider while buying a Vlone Official is “Warmth”. Two factors determine how warm the hoodie is: 

  • The thickness of the hoodie. 
  • And how it is woven. 

To check the thickness of the hoodie, measure an ounce per square yard, the more ounces indicate that the hoodie is thick and it is perfect for the region where weather gets extremely cold. On the other hand, to check how it is woven, check the fabric of the hoodie. It is mostly mentioned in the product description. The hoodie that is made up of cotton, will have the ability to store the heat for a longer time, hence it will keep you warm for a longer period. 

On the other hand, hoodies that are made up of polyester only are not so warm, they can’t trap heat for a longer period. In addition to that polyester, hoodies can cause itching and irritation on your skin as well. 

The Comfort of the Hoodie

You can compromise on anything while buying a hoodie, but not on the comfort. It is the most important factor to keep in mind while buying any hoodie. Cotton hoodies are mostly very comfortable hoodies. As cotton is a soft and smooth fabric. In addition to that cotton keeps you warm for long hours. 

Also, cotton fabric is skin-friendly, it almost suits all skin types hence ensuring the comfort of every person. So while buying a hoodie, check carefully whether you are buying a cotton hoodie or not. 

Size of the Hoodie

At vlone official, you can find hoodies in different sizes. No matter what size or type of body you have, vlone offers hoodies for everyone. People mostly assume that oversized hoodies are perfect for them. I agree with them to some extent as oversized hoodies are perfect for layering up. But a properly sized hoodie looks smarter. It adds extra charm and style to your overall look. Also, a slim-fit hoodie is perfect for semi-formal and casual gatherings like colleague dinners, casual presentations, etc. 


So here is a brief guide to selecting a perfect vlone hoodie for yourself. Though there is no doubt that vlone hoodies are exceptional and have excellent quality. All of them are unique and durable but it is important to select the hoodie according to your body type and your area requirements. 

What are some important things that you keep in mind while buying a hoodie? Share your shopping ideas and tips with us in the comment section below.

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