4 Ways To Create A Happier Working Environment



Regardless of whether you are responsible for a small team of staff or run a national organization with a large workforce, the happiness of your employees is extremely important. A happy workforce is usually a productive and motivated one, so if you can keep your team feeling positive and appreciated, you will most likely reap the long term benefits. Here are 4 ways to create a happier working environment.

Recognition and Praise

Don’t wait until it’s time for annual appraisals to tell your staff how they are doing. Instead, make it a regular occurrence. 

Praise and encouragement will make your employees far happier and far more likely to go that extra mile for you. Acknowledging their achievements and making employees feel appreciated is also a great way to boost the overall mood.   

Make Your Workplace Feel Welcoming

Make Your Workplace Feel Welcoming

If your workplace feels dull and dreary, it could eventually have a knock-on effect on your staff’s performance. Decorating and sprucing it up a bit can do wonders and will make the place feel far more welcoming. 

If the walls are dark and depressing, repaint with a light and airy palette. Add wall art or motivational quotes to large areas of blank space and use modern planters to inject some color and vibrancy. Make sure windows are cleaned to allow as much natural light as possible and try to promote a clear desk policy. A cluttered and untidy office is unlikely to boost productivity. The brighter, cleaner and happier the environment feels, the more enjoyable it will be to work in.

Be Flexible

Many of your staff may have children or other commitments outwith work that can make day to day life a bit of a juggling act. By recognizing this and implementing a more flexible working policy, your staff are likely to feel increased loyalty and be far more content at work. 

Many companies allow staff to work from home once in a while or opt for more flexible hours. Providing the work is being done and it isn’t affecting productivity, being flexible will let staff know that you care and that you appreciate their ongoing efforts. 

Dress Down Day

Once a week (usually on a Friday), many companies allow staff to dress down. Instead of getting suited and booted to come to work, casual clothes can be worn. Although many may prefer wearing their usual attire, for others it’s a welcomed alternative. A bit of an acknowledgment that the working week is coming to a close, and they can start to wind down a little.

Dress down day also provides the ideal opportunity to suggest a bit of teambuilding at the local bar or restaurant at the end of the day. Getting to know each other better and being more social with colleagues can increase communication levels between departments. This, in turn, is likely to make staff more eager to help each other out, increase productivity, and create a far happier working environment.

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