Growth of Fashion Over The Past Few Years

Helen Jackby:


Fashion is in a constant cycle of change. Let’s look back at how fashion has evolved over the years. If there is anything we can all agree on in the fashion world, it is that fashion is always working again, whether we like it or not. Throughout the 100 years, fashion has changed dramatically but it has also kept classic styles alive.

Beginning with old-school styles back in the 1950s and later reviving to a more modern style in the late 2000s, fashion evolved into a never-ending concept.

For both men and women, fashion is integrated into identity. You are what you wear. There are numerous in which you can dress like in this Lil Peep Merchandise. As we look to 2019, we can swear a change in fashion and fashion choices in general.

– The 1950s

The 1950s was an indicator of economic growth. After the Second World War, conformity and resilience were marking social trends at this time. However, from a conservative point of view working in the United States, there was still room for heresy – and that was felt in fashion.

This was a time of fashion for men and women. Among the most popular outfits were blouse blouses, shoulder pants, round women’s pants and high-waisted pants and men’s boots. Many printed patterns are handmade with paint and beads that work differently.


hat fashion

One of the biggest trends of this era is wearing hats. Women often followed Audrey Hepburn and were inspired by her short hair that was hidden under a small hat. In contrast, men wore hats as a daily threat. Apply hats, so they are straight. As we often see in the first films, men were seen running around the streets wearing shirts, shirts, high pants, and felt hats.

Cases of Cigarette

Depending on the accessories, the pack of cigarettes and the issue of everything a person had to do. Before the discovery of cigarette smokers, such as getting cancer, it was a wish for an entire generation. Cigarette smoking was cool; everyone did it.

– The 1960s

The ’60s were a pivotal moment in American history. People remember this time with their census and the changing of social patterns using clothing, drugs, sex, and education to name a few. Of course, the people wanted their freedom, and the only way to achieve that was through social and professional rebellion.

Among the most notable events during this time has been Martin Luther King’s talk, “I Have a Dream”, the assassination of Kennedy, the suspension of Richard Nixon, and the summer of love in San Francisco, which brought about a hippie movement.

The Hippie Movement

Following Beatlemania, Woodwood, and the ongoing conflict with Vietnam was a hippie movement in the 1960s. Demonstrating opposition and freedom, the dye became very popular. And I mean dyeing everything – headbands, shirts, pants, and even shoes.

Almost as much as dye looks in general and allows for personal freedom in fashion, women are still frustrated to wear pants. Jeans were considered inappropriate so women wore skirts and flowing dresses.

Turtle Necks

turtleneck fashion

At this time of rebellion, 1967 was also declared the year of the skull. In today’s fashion world, tortoises can be very popular. However, this moment in time was no different. Men used to wear necklaces and scarves, but part of the rebellion was ignoring that and wearing turtle necklaces.

– The 1970s

Bottoms, fur coats, and flower holes, oh my! The 70s were a decade full of economic and continuous change. Women were getting more freedom and economic freedom, Presidents were being attacked with disgust, and exploring the area was more fun than ever.

As for the fashion world, clothes were often inspired by Hollywood music and films. Favourite artists of the time were Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin, leading the fashion scene in the hippie movement.

Bell bottom

The base of the bell-bottom is still high with the “free love” movement. Despite the very noticeable stiffness, the hair grew and the colours became brighter.

Checkered Text and Floral Print

floral print fasion

Checkered printed pants and small skirts and printed flowers are available everywhere. If it was cold that day, you would not be the people in fur coats walking up the street.

– The 1980s

If there was a time when technology started to change society, it was in the 80s. Released from IBM’s personal computer, the first Space Shuttle was removed, and the music came from another angle through the development of music videos and composers.

Popular culture of the time was focused on TV as they were the first to release music videos. Some of the best 80s music videos came from pop artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince. They are seen everywhere and their style influences the whole culture.

The start of the decade continued the dress styles of the late ’70s, and by the end of the decade, heavy metal fashion had entered. Other important clothing styles were shoulder dresses, jean jackets, member-only jackets, leather pants, and jumpsuits.


Most surprisingly, it was Zubaz with a beautiful structure. In the ’80s, if you weren’t one of the millions of people wearing Zubaz, chances are your style is outdated.

Hammer pants

Also in eight years has been the arrival of parachute pants, also called “Hammer Pants” because of the MC Hammer music influence of the 80s and a pack of fanny fans, which people still use today.

– The 1990s

The 90s paved the way for the fashion world no doubt. Movements such as grunge, rave scene, and hip-hop were spread all over the world and influenced fashion choices for young people. In addition to these new movements was the launch of table television and the World Wide Web.

Popular culture had a huge impact on fashion, especially in the 90s. People have been consuming the media because of the new internet they have been getting and staying in line watching bands like Nirvana and Green Day on TV.


Because of this influence, Grunge became a fashion statement. The standard outfit would be torn by a blue jean, an unmarked channel, and Doc Martin’s boots. Getting involved in a grunge lesson (and listening to some of the best grunge bands) was a statement in itself, but being immersed in the world of grunge fashion was everything for every organization.

Long Shorts

Ninety was also the time when men tried the idea of ​​length, right when it came to blocks. Shorts will always make sense in any fashion era, but this time men wore shorts that just past their knees almost touched the ground. Michael Jackson and the NBA have both created the popularity of these alternatives.

– The 2000s

The new era arrives with the new millennium. Mostly everything at this point was influenced by the emergence of the Internet. Communication was always high with smartphones, social networking, cameras, and other electronic devices. As television shows such as American Idol receive much higher ratings, fashionistas are gathering their inspiration from musicians like Kelly Clarkson.


The decade began with a strong appeal for the Y2K fashion future built around the new millennium. Baggy pants for men and women’s boots were a constant thing. The 2000s also saw the return of tracks from the ’80s and skinny jeans were also a colour.

Hip-Hop Street Clothes

hip hop fashion

And among the fashion trends of the 2000s were brands that were influenced by hip-hop. Costume brands such as Roca wear, Pat Farm, G-Unit Clothing, and Billionaire Boys Club have taken over the warehouses and you can’t live one day without seeing these clock clips.

– The 2010s

Fashion today redefines the 1980s and 1990s. Many fashion trends remain as popular as other fashion and grunge look. Hipster culture has once again introduced the world of fashion with blue denim, cardigans, round glasses, and tee-shirts.

This term is about the representation of different clauses. Everything from hip-hop streetwear to modern fashion can be seen by everyone on the streets.

The 2010 fashion fits everyone. It stands as another indicator of how fashion has evolved over the years. As we continue to grow as a society and economy, fashion is also evolving and changing.

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