Google play services 12.6.85 APK Review – How to Download and Install



Google offers a few various apps like google play services 12.6.85 which are very advantageous for you as well as your needs. For keeping everything organized and sync perfectly, you can get google play services downloaded which give you updated regarding google play apps and google at one time.

This app has access to the new privacy settings of users also along with high quality and low power location linked settings, so offering you an amazing possible experience.   If you want to speed up your searches while being offline and let for much more immersive maps as well as excellent gaming experiences, the Google Play Services can provide the best tech-based platform and the unique user experience for you. In fact, it is simple to begin using the app. Download it in a flash and log into the account for making sure that all apps are connected and you aren’t missing anything.

Google play services 12.6.85 comes preinstalled on the new Android phones as It can help Google as well as 3rd party users by making able of updating the apps automatically, not just this, it updates settings of android also which are related to the email account. The app works within the background come in a set of services which aid in enhancing your search speed while giving an excellent integration between apps and maps.

But, also note that while uninstalling or disable the app of google play services, rest of your Google apps stop working probably or you won’t be able to use some services in other Google apps.

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Finding the google play services 12.6.85in the device:

For finding this version of the google play services within the device, note these steps:

  1. Open your device setting and go to the application manager. Choose all from there and then choose google play services out of the list of apps.
  2. You may find this version number under app’s name like google play services version 12.6.85 (031-398454774) (here this number shows the version of the app while the number in italics indicate the figure of your android device as well as kind of CPU you are using)

Steps to download and install google play services 12.6.85

Following are steps involved in downloading installation ofgoogle play 12.6.85

  1. Go to the settings, type device admin in the search bar and tap on it. Be sure that your phone is disabled or unchecked.
  2. Go to the settings -> apps -> google play services -> read your version (like 12.6.85 – the number is written before – aka 440). Remember this number.
  3. Google “google play services 12.6.85 release”. Find one having the same number. Download it.
  4. After this again to settings, move to the apps and then to google play services. At the top right side, there would be three boxed. Click on them and uninstall the updates.
  5. Now install the required version of play services which you have already downloaded and restart after completion.

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