Five Easy Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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There are some routine household chores that pay more than an air conditioning maintenance schedule. It will not just give you the chance to stay the whole day fresh in hot summer days and prevention of emergent breakdowns, but it will also make you save your cash on energy bills.

It’s obvious that a well-maintained air conditioner will work smoothly and efficiently. It uses less energy and also demands less cash to work. It will also last quite long before you need it to replace it.

Tips For AC Maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance is an important thing. There are some specific things an average homeowner can easily do, but the rest should get performed by the professionals. 

Consider these tips to make your air conditioning maintenance easy.

1.    Cleaning And Replacement Of Air Filter

The crucial and one of the regular AC maintenance chores include the cleaning or replacement of air filters. It would be best if you got this done each month and especially in high use seasons and once during low use seasons. 

When your air filter gets equipped with dirt and dust particles, then the flow of air will decrease. This will make your system harder to run. The air flowing via your AC can also be dirty and triggers asthma and allergy symptoms for those inhibiting in the place. So the cleaning of the filter is of utmost importance. 

2.    Keep A Check On Components And Wirings

Make sure always to start working on an air conditioner by turning off the unit of power. You can do this by service disconnect on your outdoors and turn off the main breaker panel of the place AC situated in. 

Next is to remove the access panel on the condensing using and observe if there are any signs of overheating, burned or black looking wires, melted insulation, or something alike. 

Also, check the electrical connection to ensure they are appropriate. Checking with an electrical test meter makes it accessible through capacitors in the unit. 

All these issues indicate that your AC requires replacing parts. For this, seek professionals.

3.    Thermostat Examination

Air Conditioner Maintenance
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Examine your thermostat to ensure that it is working correctly and keeping the temperature of your home accurate. If you own an older model thermostat, then consider upgrading it. 

Get a programmable one that lets you higher the temperature when there is no one in the home and cool the house down before 30 minutes of people arriving back. This will give you a comfortable home to welcome you. 

4.    Check The Condenser Unit Fan

Turn off the power of your air conditioner unit. Also, check the fan mounted at the top side of the outside condenser unit that assures it is in perfect condition. If you observe any cracks or chips on the fan blades, replace it as soon as possible. 

Moreover, if you have an older air conditioning unit, so its fan motor bearing will also need to get oiled regularly. 

5.    Clean Unit Externally

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Over time, leaves, grass clippings, dirt get stuck to the outer side of the air conditioner unit. This decreases the capacity of the system and reduces airflow. 

After turning the power off of your unit, gently wash the debris out through a garden hose, beginning from the top. Make sure never to use a power washer as it can damage your unit. 

So these are the five easy air conditioner maintenance tips you should consider to make your AC live long. But if you observe any severe issue, and then assure you to get in touch with professionals like

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