7 Ways to Fashionably Wear a Beanie



A beanie may look plain and uninteresting to you, but it’s one of the most versatile winter hats! You can wear beanies in a variety of ways. Put together by a Black-owned beanie company, here are seven of the most popular beanie looks you can try out during cold weather!


The standard beanie look is one of the most popular for these hats. Unsurprising, considering that it’s easy and it looks great! You can wear a beanie the standard way by leaving it uncuffed and pulling it down over your ears. Tuck your hair up into the beanie so it isn’t sticking out at odd angles, because clean lines are key for this look!

When all is said and done, the standard beanie should rest on your forehead, stopping just above your eyebrows. It’s warm, it’s fashionable, and it works!


The slouch beanie takes a little more work to pull off. When you get it down, it’s great for looking cool when it’s cold. To achieve this look, push the beanie back on your head. You should have some hair visible at the top. Make sure to use a long beanie so that the extra fabric slouches at the back of your head.

It’s a casual, fashionable look that many celebrities have rocked over the years. If you can pull it off, it’ll be great! 


One of the most common ways that people wear a beanie is with the edge cuffed. A single cuff is both casual and warm, adding an extra layer of warmth for your ears. With a nice tight fit in the back and the cuff covering up your hair, you can rock it in just about any casual setting!

The cuffed style is perfect for bad hair days, hiding your bangs, or tucking your unruly hair up. It looks great, hides all those stray hairs, and keeps your ears extra warm – what’s not to like? 


A pom-pom beanie is a fun and fresh look, especially when added to a knitted beanie. When wearing a beanie with a pom on top, make sure to pull it down tight over your head so the pom sits perfectly at the crown of your head. Cuff the hat if you need to. This tight fit is key to rocking a hat with a pom-pom. 

A beanie with a pom-pom can look great with any look. Choose bright colors for daily wear and heather grays for casual workwear. When you want to look fun and spontaneous, the pom-pom beanie is perfect!


In recent years, the fisherman look has gained popularity. You can wear your favorite beanie in this iconic style as well if it’s small enough to fit your head tightly. To achieve this look, cuff your beanie (you can cuff it twice if you need to).  You can put the hat on top of your head to cover your hair, or you can angle it back to show your bangs.

To correctly achieve the fisherman look, the beanie should not touch your ears. If it covers your ears at all, it should only touch the tips of your ears. This is a nice work-inspired style that looks great with a variety of hairstyles.

Pushed Back

The pushed back beanie looks like it’s clinging to your head, about to fall off – but the key to this look is making sure it stays put! You can use bobby pins to keep this hat in place if needed. Essentially, you can cuff the hat and push it as far back on your head as you can. Angle it so that your hair is falling out from underneath and the hat is perched on the crown of your head.

The back of the hat will stick up, creating an open space that looks cool and casual. If you want to look a bit messy or unaffected, this is a great style to try.

Straight Up

The straight-up beanie works a bit like the pushed-back style. Put the hat directly on top of your heat, allowing the rest of the hat to stick straight up from your forehead. It’s quirky and can add a whole new dimension to your look!

This look is best achieved with a longer beanie, so choose one with a little more fabric.


As you can see, your beanie doesn’t have to be plain or simple. You can choose to wear it in a variety of ways that work well with your hair, the shape of your face, and the outfit you’re pairing it with!

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