The Eclectic Green and Golden Theme for Homes


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The harmony between green and golden hues cannot elude even the most inexperienced or carefree eyes. The combination comes across so powerful, perhaps because of its affinity with nature. When summer transitions into autumn or sunlight descend on wild grass, you witness the presence of these two intense colors. Besides, these possess an unmistakable regal charm or sophistication, which gets transferred to a thing or space they touch. Due to such inherent qualities of these shades, you can feel attracted to try them at every corner of your house. Here are a few recommendations in this context to help you embrace these tones in your interiors effortlessly.  

Living Room

Some people lean on the aqua blue-green shade to incorporate the effects of gold and green. If you also prefer this look, you can paint a part of the wall and ceiling around the floor and window with turquoise pigment. Since this corner can be the primary source of natural light, the bright framing can look highly effective. The color band can appear as a visual treat in the extended layout. You can decorate the nearby area with indoor plants; these will absorb the sunlight entering through the white drapes. On the other side, you can have a taupe upholstered sofa with a cushion. It can be a perfect match for the vibrant blue-green paint. At the same time, it can offer some relief to your eyes against the bold colors.

The cushioned sofa can have multiple pillows with graphic printed covers. Keep in mind that the prints mingle with the primary color code. You can add a fresh and young spin to the neutral sofa by adding a black and beige throw, even better if it includes tassels. Some people don’t like empty walls. For them, the idea of display shelves can work amazing. You can use the white shelves on the white walls behind your sofa for books, photo frames, candles, and wine glasses. Having some textures on the white walls can be creative. If you have contemporary lights, you can decorate the edge of the white and aqua blue-green walls with them. The transition of shades and the textured surface will suddenly gain attention.

 Eclectic Green and Golden Theme for Homes

Since many things go into a living room, you can include a wood nesting table set, golden lamp aluminium sheet, and other elements for a refined drama. In front of the taupe fabric sofa, the wall can house a sober console unit constituted of metal, wood, and glass materials. The floating wooden furniture in the center of the console unit can have drawers to hide your prized possessions of DVDs or games. While these stay protected from the gaze of unwanted guests, you also don’t need to fuss over accessibility whenever you get into a mood to enjoy them on your wall-mounted TV right up there. The wall behind the flat television screen can remain white. 

Bedroom and Bathroom

Flooring can be large wood planks with a distressed look all over the place to give a sense of continuity and unity to the home. In the bedroom, intelligent use of gold and green can happen in many ways or through various additions. For example, the bed can have an upholstered bedstead, which can be golden yellow. You can imagine installing golden yellow coving tiles in the perimeter of the room to intensify the effect. Do you love wall art? Hang one above your bed. But it should carry golden hints to keep up with the yellow vibe. You can accessorize the bed corners with swing arm sconces in white and gold. 

There can be a bedside table with drawers and an area rug to add warmth literally and practically. When you walk to the bathroom, you will most likely spot sink and sink vanity. You can extend your basic theme to this corner of the house as well. It doesn’t take much effort. You can choose a green vanity for your sink and pair it with a golden faucet. While it is comparatively easier to decide that you need it in the gold shade, choosing between a polished and brushed gold faucet requires some considerations. Still, if you want to add a classy touch, going with the latter can be more sensible. 

You can bring the washbasin zone to the forefront of the design with numerous things. For example, you can think of a soap dispenser in black, towel rails in coordinated colors, a matching mirror, the metal frame of the sink cabinet. If your bath area has dark wood décor, you will need to add white LED lights to remove any depressing hint.

Kitchen and Dining Area

You can satisfy your modern taste with the choice of dining set. The table can be light brown wood mimicking the golden effect, and two of the chairs can have gold wire-frame designs alternated with black leather chairs. You can adorn the table with green vases in sync with the green kitchen theme. Green kitchen cabinets with gold door handle look awesome. You can add plants with black pots for overall mix-and-match performance. If you wish, you can add pendant lights over the dining table to bask in the soft lighting. It can be an excellent vision for an open floor layout. 

Eclectic Green and Golden Theme for Homes

Whether you desire to build something from scratch or renovate it at any scale, you need to have clarity about design, decoration, feel, and ambiance. You can evaluate your taste and personality to discover what you will enjoy most. When you find the answer, many things become easy to plan. You can speak to your interior decorator clearly and convey your emotions. As a result, they can align your interest with the design recommendations. It is necessary for faster completion of the project too. As far as toning up or down goes, it can happen along the process as visions turn into reality.

Make sure you have a proper budget for the kind of interior work you aspire to do. The nature and scale of the project hold much significance. Besides, the cost can suddenly jump if you decide to include any unique feature at the last minute. So, be careful!

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