What is Cloud-Based IDE All About



Technology is on the rise, and many people are coming up with solutions that can help the cloud system. Cloud-Based IDE is a good example. As a software developer, you need to program new applications. You need to use a cloud-based Integrated Development Environment, IDE. This type of IDE runs in the cloud, and you can access it via a web browser. It will allow you to program applications without configuring several utilities. The IDE will offer you the tools that you need for software development. With cloud-based IDEs, you will also not need to be in your workstation for you to develop software. Below are more details on cloud-based IDEs.

How to Create Cloud-Based IDE

There are two approaches used to create a cloud-based IDE. The first approach involves creating a cloud-based IDE. Most of the first cloud-based IDEs developed using this approach. When you use this approach to create a cloud-based IDE, you will be able to integrate all the components of the IDE. But, you will need to adopt a new toolset that you may be unfamiliar with. The other approach you can use to create a cloud-based IDE is taking an existing IDE and moving it to the cloud. This approach will allow you to access VS code through a browser and run it. You will adapt to the cloud-based IDE since the IDE includes tool sets that you are familiar with.

The Benefits of Using Cloud-Based IDEs

You can use cloud-based IDEs to build new web pages, applications, and software. These IDEs are usually perfect for coding different programming languages. These include Python, JavaScript, and MySQL. Some IDEs have unique features that help us understand how other platforms work. When you use these IDEs, you will experience many benefits. For instance, you will access the online IDE from any device regardless of your location. Thus, no worries about extra set-up time whenever you switch between different devices. Such an IDE will also make it easy for you to test and deploy codes.

Configuration of an IDE on your computer when developing software is not necessary. Cloud-based IDE does that. That saves time and ensures everyone is using similar environmental settings. Below are other benefits that you will experience when you use a good online IDE.

  • A high-powered computer is not necessary when using cloud-based IDE. Since the cloud will handle your computer thus, it will be possible for you to code using a tablet.
  • With cloud-based IDE, you will not have to wait for applications to deploy and tests to run.
  • Cloud- based IDEs make it possible for you to share developing software.

Some of the Best Cloud-Based IDEs

Codeanywhere is one of the best cloud-based IDEs. When using this cloud-based IDE, you can code regardless of your location. It supports several programming languages, including CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and HTML. It features practical applications for Blackberry, IOS, and Android. Using this IDE, you can share your project files with collaborators and even back them up.

Another familiar cloud-based IDE is eXo Cloud IDE. It supports the common programming languages including HTML, Java, Groovy, and Ruby. The eXo is perfect for you if your specialization is Java programming since this IDE supports Java Server pages.

Another popular cloud-based IDE is Kodingen. It supports PHP, Perl, JavaScript, and other common programming languages. It is usually a free-to-use IDE. Other common cloud-based IDEs include:

  • CodeRun studio
  • ShiftEdit
  • Akshell
  • Erbix
  • Cloud9

Cloud-Based IDE needs one to have experience in networking. Using software programs on remote servers can make you nervous. Cloud-based IDEs should be used when developing programs. These IDEs run in the cloud, and you can access them through a web browser. Therefore, you do not need to be in your workstation or have your computer for you to access them. Cloud-based IDEs support different programming languages and are very beneficial. With these IDEs, no configuration of a local development environment is necessary when developing a program that saves time and ensures that you and your colleagues use similar environmental settings.

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