5 Must-Have Clothing Items for a Rider’s Wardrobe



Are you part of a horse-riding community and fantasize about putting together a proper western-style wardrobe? Do you want to fit in with your fellow riders and have a nice commanding presence when riding? Today western or equestrian apparel includes traditional staples that have made history, like cowgirls hats or button-down shirts. But many of these traditional items come with modern cuts, eye-catching colors, and versatile fabrics. So, by exploring western apparel sections in various online or brick-and-mortar stores, you can create a unique personal style. This way your outfit will nicely stand out in a crowd, which is especially important when you’re at a special event like a western show. 

Read on to discover five must-have clothing items that a rider needs in their wardrobe. 

  1. Riding Breeches 

The purpose of riding breeches is to help you move comfortably in the saddle, without feeling that your movements are constricted. But even if practicality and comfort should be your main criteria when buying breeches, these items come in a variety of styles, such as full seat, euro seat, or knee patch. The consensus among riders is to wear neutral light colors. But you have a lot of freedom to enjoy different colors, styles, and materials outside official shows. Find trendy and unique breeches that you’d love wearing and add them to your wardrobe so you can make a good impression on trails or at the schooling ring. 

  1. Western Show Shirts 

If you participate in western shows and other equestrian events, you have to rise to the occasion with an original, impeccable outfit. Buying western show shirts for your wardrobe can be a thrilling experience due to the range of elaborate designs and patterns available. Whether you want to look formal or glamorous, you can find anything from sparkling embellishments and bright colors to animal print patterns. So, you can have a lot of fun creating an outfit. Having a favorite outfit already waiting in your closet for the next show can make you feel a renewed enthusiasm for participating. Plus, when you’re spending so much energy to make sure your horse looks impeccable, it’s worth expending some energy so you can look on par too. 

  1. Jeans 

There are few things more closely associated with the western style than denim. Jeans are practical, comfortable, stylish, and flattering, and riders certainly appreciate these aspects. So, when updating your riding wardrobe, don’t forget to add a nice pair of jeans for casual or more formal wear. Some ladies prefer classic blue jeans with a straight cut, others prefer stylish jeans with embroidered patterns. But you can find huge denim collections specially designed for your riding wardrobe. Do you want to project an air of glamour? Do you want to look casual but stylish? A well-chosen pair of jeans can be enough to give your outfit the vibe you’re aspiring to. 

  1. Western Hat 

Is there anything more iconic to a rider than western hats? They’re part of a long and powerful tradition, yet they’re as cool today as they ever were. If you prefer a simple, classic western hat to add to your wardrobe, look for interesting, edgy hues like grays, browns, or whites. You can find high-quality western hats made of various fabrics and materials, such as fur, wool, or straw. But if you prefer to show off your sense of style, you can find stylish hats with dressy crows, hatband embellishments, feather details, or encrusted rhinestone. So, don’t hurry to buy a simple western hat when there are so many stunning options available. And find your hat size before buying. 

  1. Boots 

A pair of superb riding boots that look both chic and sturdy will totally transform even a simple riding outfit. Plus, boots are essential gear for riding comfortably. Although they are typically expensive, it’s worth investing in superior quality since you want to enjoy your boots for as long as possible. Take your time to find a pair of boots that catch your attention and feel very comfortable when walking and riding. Comfort is a major priority in this case. Most riders prefer leather boots due to their durability, elegance, and polished appearance. 
Loving how you look can make a huge difference when it comes to your level of confidence. If you want to feel good when riding or meeting fellow horse-riding enthusiasts, use the tips above to update your wardrobe with all the essential items that a rider needs. The most important tip to remember is that these classic items never go out of fashion, especially if you choose original colors and designs.

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